Perpetrate the perfect prank on April 1st

Pranks are disheartening, cruel and a deliberate act of disrespect to the victims. April Fools! 

One of my favorite holidays will greet us once March comes to an end; a day of tomfoolery and tasteful giggles: April Fools Day. If you’re anything like me, this day of jokes comes as no joke. It takes time, planning and creativity to execute a successful day of pranks. Fear not, for I have composed a list of April Fools pranks guaranteed to crown you the jester of the day. 

Good ol’ switcheroo

Whether it is a roommate, coworker or classmate, swap an everyday item they’re familiar with with one of your own. This could be a chair, lamp, desk, pillow, backpack, etc., anything you have a perfect replacement for. Once they notice, replace they’re original item secretly with a note admitting to the trickery. 

Brownies for all

This idea came from my mother, who sent her coworkers into orbit with this prank last April Fools Day. The first step is to let everyone know you are generously bringing in a pan of brownies. They will think, “Wow. How thoughtful, sweet and kind,” until you drop off the covered pan and one by one they open the lid to a bunch of brown letter E’s cut out from brown paper. Then, you laugh from the sidelines while enjoying an authentic brownie. 

Life is a gift

This one takes time and effort, but the reaction — priceless. Once your prankee leaves their room or office for an extended period of time, wrap everything they love in wrapping paper. Get creative with it; wrap pillows, blankets or even chairs. Make the area resemble Christmas morning, and when the subject re-enters their space, take a video. You could become a viral sensation. 

Bugging your bestie

Find the person in your life that hates little critters. We all have one. Make a run to the dollar store and buy a fake replica of their most-hated bug(s), and strategically place it in spaces they will reach for. Get creative with this; you could place a faux insect in a lampshade or inside an ice cube in their water if you’re feeling extra wicked. 

Conversing with the inanimate

Technology is advancing and the world is gullible, take advantage of it. Place voice-activated signs around electronics like a coffee machine, paper towel dispenser, light switch, etc. and watch as everyone starts to speak with the presumed robots. 

Frozen meals 

This prank requires overnight preparation, so put together a glass of water, a bowl of cereal or alternative liquid and place it in the freezer. When morning comes, set out the dish and offer it to a roommate. Watch them grow confused as they attempt to take a drink or bite of ice. 

Long-distance prank calls

For those of us with a relative or friend far away from home, a classic prank call can never go wrong on April Fools Day. You could use a voice-changing app and pretend to be someone else. You could tell them they’ve won a contest or free vacation, pretend to be a mysterious creeper, or talk to them in a different language. Challenge yourself on how long you can keep the conversation going before they catch you red-handed. 

Whatever prank you choose this holiday, make sure you are not malicious, but rather having fun. Keep it light-hearted and take into account the person you are selecting to prank and what they tolerate. Most importantly, beware of fellow readers of this article. 

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