Podcast studio opens in Memorial Library 

Minnesota State’s Memorial Library added a new feature to its list of services. Students are now able to make scheduled podcast airings or rent podcast equipment.  

“There was a demand from the communication department for a podcasting room where it is more accessible, and where students have more availability in hours. Because the building is open until midnight, and during finals till two, we thought this might be the best place for it,” said Michael Gutiérrez, Director of Library Operations and Access Services. 

The podcast studio was available for services from the start of the spring semester in January. According to Gutiérrez, about 16 bookings have been made between January and spring break. 

Students are free to use the space and produce their desired content without any censorship.  

“The goal is just to serve the needs of the students. There are other podcasting centers or areas on campus. This is just another one because there was a demand. We also have podcasting equipment that students can check out and they can take home if they don’t want to work in our area or when the area is busy,” said Gutiérrez. 

The Podcast Studio is situated on the third level of the library at ML3072. The library’s online scheduling system allows students to reserve the space for three hours. Within the space is a RodeCaster II audio production mixer and four PodMic microphones. 

“Currently, the studio is located on our third floor. But after next fall, it’ll be on our lower level, where students will have even more access. That’s the plan,” said Gutiérrez. 

Students may check out a portable podcast kit from the Education Resource Center (located on the lower level of Memorial Library). The RodeCaster II audio production board, headphones, and two PodMic microphones with stands are all included in the podcast kit. 

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