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As college students, our generation consumes hours of multimedia all day every day. Whether it’s for learning purposes, entertainment or social interaction, screens are shoved in front of us almost anywhere we go. However, those who engage in media content are most likely not reading about the latest news updates that discuss our current climate, global policy standings or the economy.

Although it may not seem interesting at first, discussions regarding human rights, the United States standing in global discussions and the economy are topics voiced almost daily.

It is no secret that the younger generation consumes media differently than previous generations. Since media consumption is so easily accessible and abundant, we have become so overstimulated with information that important issues get buried behind the hottest celebrity gossip and targeted ads. We, as students, don’t know what is real or what is fake anymore and social media makes almost anything serious into a meme moments after.

Having critical thinking skills is an asset that can be overlooked. As a person who lives in the United States, you should have input on the choices your elected representative makes. 

We, as students, may seem like these issues don’t apply to us; however, they most certainly do. For example, President Biden announced the Student Debt Relief plan that should take action in the coming year. Regarding student life, The Reporter’s news coverage is much different than news you would see on KEYC or in The Free Press. At the Reporter, the focused content includes the “student experience” and covers stories that would pique MSU students’ interest.

We should be curious about what is going on in our country and around us. Being able to understand other cultures’ situations and to understand how other countries are run can make a well-rounded individual.

Globally, the news has a major influence on our society whether you realize it or not. The Weather forecast decides what you wear every day especially when it comes to Minnesota. The economy decides if you buy those new shoes you liked in the store but do not necessarily need. The news is all around us, it is ever-changing, and it is important to keep up to date.

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