Embrace power with self-reflection and love

How you speak to yourself is important and embracing your inner self is part of life. On Tuesday, Sabrina Mercedes, an independent wellness consultant led an Embrace Your Power event. At the event, Mercedes spoke on the importance of self-reflection, acceptance, and inner love. Mercedes expressed the need for change and growth individually and how it is inevitable. 

Mercedes has dedicated much of her time to giving back to her community and is actively a part of the Committee Against Domestic Abuse Prevention and Education. Mercedes also teaches sex education and aids to all survivors. After being encouraged by a professor at MSU to share her own story, Mercedes founded Safe Relations Space and Consulting in June of 2021 to help others take back their inner power. 

Mercedes advised her audience to focus on what they can control, not what is out of their control. Change is an individual decision. Mercedes has dedicated time to being an advocate for the LGBTQ+, racial, and emotionally diverse communities. Mercedes’ goal for the event was to help younger people gain their voice and feel heard. 

Minnesota State University, Mankato student, Deqo Ali, said she felt comfortable at the event. 

“I think she did a wonderful job making us feel comfortable enough to share,” said Ali. “I loved it. It was really comfortable.”

As an activist, Mercedes strives to create approaches to wellness that are less harsh and built by connecting with your mind, body and environment. Each individual has diverse experiences and stories, which can contribute to the growth and connection of a community. 

During the event, Mercedes showed stretches to release tension, grounding techniques, and inspirational advice. Ali shared the difference between her expectations versus how it actually went.

“I knew that the title was Embrace Your Power, so I thought it would be more about everyone just voicing something,” said Ali. “They wanted a voice, just to feel powerful, but there was a lot more in-depth [discussion].”

One of the key takeaways from this event is that you can’t control outcomes. Mercedes spoke about topics regarding relationships and friends.

“You can’t win battles with people who aren’t willing to grow,” said Mercedes. “If you remain stagnant, nothing will change.”

By the end of the event, the students that attended felt seen and informed on the importance of release. Mercedes showed the men and women how to be powerful instead of preaching it to them. 

For anyone who is interested in visiting the Safe Relations Space and Consulting L.L.C, they can visit at 1109 N Riverfront on Wednesday’s from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. to help themselves find their own voice.

Header Photo: Sabrina Mercedes, the speaker for the Embrace Your Power event is the founder of Safe Relations Space and Counseling, as well as an active member of the Committee Against Domestic Abuse Prevention and Education. (Courtesy Photo)

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