Ladies and lords, the Renaissance Festival has returned

Sit you down and have a laugh at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival (Ren Fest). 

Good day readers, and welcome to the ultimate Minnesota Ren Fest guide. This year, the fair is open for exploration until Oct. 2. 

Ye need not be an expert on the era of renewal; the fair is a great opportunity for everyone. Take for instance, jousting. The chance to sit on a bench and cheer on ye favorite knight is an incredible rush. 

If ye heart be not strong enough for the joust, there be plenty of shops to explore. Shops have a wide variety, from costume shops to handcrafted mugs. Some fan favorites include the stand for making hand molds, the crystal shop, and the hand-crafted wand booth. Vendors dress in Renaissance clothing and many pick up on the language, using Ren Fest phrases to welcome customers. 

If a snack is needed for ye travels, do not miss out on the classic turkey drumstick. The line may seem a long wait in the sun, but it’s worth getting the picture taking a big bite of the leg. And to wash it all down, if ye be of age, get yerself a great glass of mead. 

Take a seat and eat while watching a Shakespeare show, celtic dancers, or a comedy act. 

However, my favorite part of the festival is the costumes and atmosphere. This year, I constructed a mushroom hat from cardboard and fabric to turn myself into a magical creature. A costume I fell in love with at first sight was a cosplay of Geralt from “The Witcher.” Dedicated Ren Fest attendees often spend a lot of time, money, or both on the piecing together of their masterpiece. 

The mixture of people is a fascinating show in itself. There are Festival employees wandering the walkways, making jokes or doing small acts. There are elaborate dresses or the normal joe in shorts and a hoodie. You may even stumble upon a bride in her white gown! 

For MSU students, the festival is roughly an hour’s drive away, but it is a great weekend activity. It is an opportunity to experience something new and dress up. Halloween only comes once a year, and that is not enough times to go all-out in costume. 

Fare thee well readers, and heed my tale.

The Renaissance Festival is a time capsule catapulting you from the twenty-first century to the fourteenth. Students can rediscover classic art and eat a turkey leg while they’re at it! (Courtesy photo of Lilly Schmidt)

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