Staying in isn’t lame

Let’s be honest we’ve all been there. Rushing through a project you were supposed to start during the beginning of the week only to finish minutes before 11:59 p.m. on a Sunday. It’s stressful and every time you tell yourself, ‘this is the last time I do that.’ 

Throughout the years’ college has been glorified as party all day and party all night in almost any blockbuster movie produced within the last couple of decades. However, that is certainly not realistic since we as students have to juggle a variety of responsibilities.

There is a time and a place to have fun and let loose, but prioritizing your future and mental health shouldn’t be frowned upon by your peers.

There’s undoubtedly an enormous amount of peer pressure when it comes to the world of college. Since this is the first time you’ve probably lived without your parents, it can be expected that first-year college students go down the path of “trying anything once”.

But we as students who have projects due, relationships to maintain and sleep to catch up on, it is okay to stay in on the weekends. We as students should not be shamed by our friends for not going out and borrowing tomorrow’s happiness for a few hours of “letting loose”. 

Staying in can actually be very beneficial to not only your mental health but also your physical health. Your body will thank you for getting a quality night’s sleep instead of staying up until 3 a.m. Your brain will thank you for taking the time to self-reflect and expand your brain with a good self-help book.

The majority of us are here to get a degree, at least I hope. So working toward that goal shouldn’t be a foreign concept. Having the Sunday Scaries is one of the worst feelings for any college student. However, getting up on a Sunday morning and having no homework deadlines hanging over your head is the best feeling. 

“Friends” who shame you for prioritizing your school work is lame. Not supporting the hard work you put into yourself is lame. Living for the weekends is lame. And judging someone else’s life choices when it doesn’t affect yours whatsoever is lame.

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