Pre-optometry club opens eyes to educational and career pathways

The new pre-optometry club gives opportunities for Minnesota State students interested in higher education in medical fields. 

Students who attend this club can share useful findings in the field of medicine that could help in future academic and career achievements.

The club aims to help students prepare applications  for schools and give them more knowledge to pass mandatory entry exams such as Optometry Admission Test. Co-president of the club, Nicole Kaupa, says she hopes students can gain a variety of experiences. 

“We wanted to get started to meet pre-optometry students in the university so that we could meet and kind of go over applying for optometry schools, getting to know each other a little bit and prepare to take the OAT test,” said Kaupa. 

The students can also connect with people to learn more about the requirements and difficulties to enter optometry schools.

“Last year we did a Zoom meeting with someone that went to Midwestern University, I think, to kind of learn what the process was for that person and to be able to apply and take the OAT test,” said Kaupa.

Kylee Zytkovicz is also a member of the club. 

“The most interesting part is learning things that I did not know about before. Today we have discussed a couple of new things. I think that it is gonna help me in the long run so that things are not last minute, and I will be prepared ahead of time,” Zytkovicz said.

According to Zytkovicz and other members of the club, joining their discussion makes academic growth more effective. Member Skyler Borresen mentioned that the club helps her gain more knowledge from experienced people.

“I learned stuff that I had no idea about because there is nobody to help me figure it out. It is nice to have people that are older than me and have kind of been through it,” said Borresen. “(The club helps me with) knowledge about where I need to go and how to apply. It is something that I am most nervous about.”

Another participant, Kyle Skellenger, recommends the club to those wanting to know more about the profession.

“I have wanted to be an optometrist since seventh grade. Now that I found other people who want to do what I want to do, I would recommend it to other people who are interested in health care because nobody thinks about your eyes. We take our vision for granted,” said Skellenger.

The pre-optometry club is ready to help students majoring in different programs with their career goals. It is not necessary to be a member of a pre-optometry program to join discussions within the club. To learn more about the meeting times, reach out to

Header photo: The pre-optometry club allows students to learn more information about the field while helping them prepare for optometry school applications. (Asutosh Silwal/The Reporter)

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