How to de-stress before finals

With the end of the semester coming to a close, the inevitable finals week creeps up on students. Deadlines approach quicker than usual, lengthy papers are assigned and huge projects need to be assembled. With schedules becoming slightly more crammed than usual, we as students need to prioritize and strategize this week in order to do our best on our finals.

It goes without saying, but we as students cannot do our best on tests if we don’t take care of ourselves. It can be easy to hyperfocus on late-night cram fests and cutting off social ties to prioritize academics. The truth is, students don’t tend to retain as much information when they don’t take time for themselves. If students have been working for the last three hours, they should take an hour-long break to hang out with friends, scroll through social media or participate in an activity that they enjoy. Taking small breaks re-energizes students and lets them return to their work with determination. However, be careful to monitor how long breaks are as students shouldn’t let them lead to procrastination. 

One of the best ways that students can maximize their time during finals week is to create study plans. Figure out when deadlines are due and the ones that are closer, tackle first. By alternating finishing worksheets with taking half an hour to study for a test, students can easily accomplish their work efficiently and quickly. Students should write out a list to help determine what they need to get done first in order to not forget any last-minute assignments or to cram for their finals. 

If possible, students should work ahead on any projects or papers for finals. Often during finals week, students are so focused on studying for their timed exams that any final papers or projects are put on the back burner. Working ahead on some finals allows students to minimize their stress on finals week. Being able to finish any classes a week or so early allows you to leave once your finals are done as well. 

Finally, focus on your health during finals week. It can be easy to consume a thousand cups of coffee and order greasy takeout every night. However, students won’t feel great and want to relax when there’s so much that needs to be done before the break. Students should make sure to eat good foods, drink plenty of water and get as much sleep as possible. Finals are much easier to take when students aren’t tired and feeling their best. 

The promise of a month-long holiday break is on the horizon. We as students need to push through the last two weeks of the semester the absolute best we can. By utilizing these techniques, students can be assured that finals week will be a breeze. 

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