Adam Sandler club cracks up campus

Minnesota State students have a new club option that doesn’t require significant time or money, just a commitment to celebrity Adam Sandler.

Third-year student Hannah Minet started the Adam Sandler Club as a joke between her and her roommate. 

“When I was a freshman, I was going through the list of clubs, and nothing stood out to me. So I decided I’m going to make my own club,” said Minet. “My roommate asked, ‘what kind of club would you even make?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know, like an Adam Sandler movie-watching club, maybe?’ So it’s been like a joke, and it’s something that I seriously wanted to do for probably a year and just finally got around to it.” 

Minet was not expecting the process of creating a club to be as complex as it is. 

“You have to fill out a bunch of forms and write a six-page constitution. You also have to have five members, and you can’t get a room on campus until you are a club,” said Minet. “The members were originally just my friends, but now we have real members.” 

Students gather together at ASC meetings to watch Sandler’s films. Mckenna Slattery, a junior at MSU, joined the club for fun and loves it.

“There’s not any requirements or anything. It’s just a chill environment. Everyone just gets food and hangs out together,” said Slattery. “I like that everyone’s just there for a good time. You know, it’s not like there’s no competition or anything because we’re all just there to bond over Adam Sandler together. It’s a good place to unwind if you’ve had a lot of homework that week, as we meet on Sundays.” 

However, the club’s main appeal for Slattery was the movies themselves. 

“My friend Brent, another member, invited me to go, and that’s like how I first heard about it. And I was like, huh, I’ve never been to a club before, and I like his movies, so I gave it a chance,” said Slattery. “I would have said ‘Happy Gilmore’ as my favorite movie, but now that I’ve actually branched out, my favorite is ‘Big Daddy.’ I don’t know why during the movie, but I got so emotional while watching it.” 

According to Minet, their numbers have only grown since the first meeting Oct. 9. 

“We got 11 people at the first meeting, and I was like, wow, I kind of assumed that that would be like the height of Adam Sandler club because when you hear about it, it’s kind of silly. But, in our past two meetings, we had 33 people show up, and I don’t think that will be the height of the meetings as every time people go, I usually hear, ‘Oh, this was great. We’re going to come back; we’re going to tell our friends,’” said Minet. 

Minet never expected this level of traction. 

“It’s crazy to me that there are so many people interested, so many people want to go, and I mean, the more the word gets out, I’m sure the more people will come,” Minet said. 

Interested students can get involved through the club’s Instagram profile, adamsandlerclub_mankato, which is updated weekly. 

Header photo: Students from all different majors and grade levels gather in the Centennial Student Union every Sunday as members of the ASC, the Adam Sandler Club, to discuss Sandler’s film career and analyze his body of work.

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