Letter to the Editor: Scholars Serving Time gave me hope

Dear editor:

My name is Channing. I’m currently a student at MSU. My situation is very different from most MSU students. I’m serving time at Waseca federal prison on drug-related charges. My drug addiction prior to prison was severe. So honestly prison is the reason I’m alive today. Then I got into the Scholars Serving Time program and have been in it for two years now. This program has given me something to strive towards; prison tends to strip you of everything if you allow it. The MSU program gave me hope and it gave me confidence. I know when I walk out these gates I’m going to continue my education, getting my BA in kinesiology. MSU has given me a path and a purpose. It’s shown me I’m capable of more than I ever thought possible. If this program was offered to more people in my position, rehabilitation might become a real possibility, not just a made-up idea. I want to personally thank all the professors who took the time to come into the prison. All of you made me feel like a human being again. I will always remember every single one of you, and I will be thankful to you everyday. 

Channing Lacey

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