Senior Spotlight: Carah Drees

From hoops to hospitals, senior forward Carah Drees grabs life by the horns, as she showcases her talents on the basketball court, while also working toward a medical degree. 

“I honestly always wanted to be a doctor,” said Drees. “It sometimes can be hard balancing labs with practice and all that stuff, though.”

Drees is from the small town of Sloan, Iowa, where she grew up in a world filled with basketball. Her father was a high school basketball coach and brought her to almost every practice as a kid.

“I’ve basically been in a gym for as long as I can remember,” said Drees. “My dad was the high school coach when I was younger, so I’d always go to practice with him.”

After spending so much time around her dad’s basketball teams, Drees began her own basketball career in first grade. When she reached high school, she rejoined her dad on the court as a player on his team.

“For two years, my dad was my high school coach,” said Drees. “I actually liked it a lot.”

At Westwood Community High School, Drees was a force to be reckoned with. She finished her high school career with over 1000 points, 900 rebounds and 500 blocks. Drees was also an Iowa Academic All-State Selection.

As Drees transitioned from high school basketball to collegiate basketball at MSU, she noticed a number of big changes.

“I went to a really small school, so I was definitely the biggest one.That was a big change when I came to college,” said Drees. “Also, the pace in college is so much faster.”

What drew Drees to play for the Mavericks was the relationships she built with her teammates right off the bat.

“When I came and visited here, I got to go have lunch with the girls I went with and they were all so nice and just made me laugh constantly,” said Drees.

Being a part of the Maverick basketball team has taught Drees a great deal, which she has been able to bring into other aspects of her life.

“I definitely learned a lot for sure,” said Drees. “Just like what hard work gets you and knowing that there’s value in every single player on the team.”

Basketball has been the center of Drees’ life ever since she was young. After this season, she will be transitioning to a life outside of basketball, which will keep her just as busy, if not more.

Following graduation in the spring, Drees plans to take a gap year, in order to get more medical field related experience. She also plans to start the application process for medical school come summer.

Leaving a life dominated by basketball behind will be a major adjustment for Drees. As the only senior on the team, she hopes to lead the Mavericks to a Conference Tournament Championship for her final season.

Header Photo:  Senior forward #35 Carah Drees hopes to carry on the momentum as the Mavericks have yet to face defeat. (Dominic Bothe/The Reporter)

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