Alijah McGhee declares for 2023 NFL draft

From a fan in the stands to a weapon on the field, Alijah McGhee, a senior defensive back for Minnesota State looks to take his football career a step further.

Dec. 20, 2022, McGhee took to social media to announce his declaration to the 2023 NFL draft.

“God has a plan for me, and with hard work and determination I will reach my goal. With that being said, I would like to formally announce my declaration to the 2023 NFL draft,” according to McGhee’s post on Instagram.

McGhee has played football ever since he was five years old and views football as his “safe haven.”

Not only is McGhee a player of the game, he has also been a dedicated fan from a young age. When watching football, he would always look at the players thinking that could be him one day.

“I wanted to follow my dreams and say I was able to give myself the opportunity to do so,” said McGhee.

Throughout McGhee’s life and football career, he feels that his family members are both his biggest inspiration and his biggest supporters. He credits them for helping him get to where he is today.

“I have a big family and we are very close,” said McGhee.

Upon getting to where he is today, McGhee has plans in store leading up to this year’s draft. 

“I am starting my training at the Training Haus in Minneapolis,”said McGhee. “Currently trying to get into the University of Minnesota’s ‘Pro Day’”.

McGhee feels that he would be a top prospect in the NFL draft due to his versatility and coachable attitude.

“What makes me a top prospect would be my ability to do anything on the field,” said Mcghee. “I’m extremely coachable and strive to be consistent.”

Happy to play for any team, McGhee still has his dream team picked out: The Pittsburgh Steelers.

“My first Super Bowl I watched was the Pittsburgh Steelers versus Arizona Cardinals,”said McGhee. “Ever since then, my favorite team has been the Steelers, so I would love to play for them.”

Regardless of what the future holds for him, McGhee is grateful for for everything he has learned and gotten to experience due to football.

“I’m most looking forward to this process and the journey to get there,” said McGhee. “I’m taking everything day by day and being very patient, but high hopes that everything works out. Whatever God has in store for me will be what’s for me.”

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Header Photo: Alijah McGhee takes his football career to the next level as he declares himself for the NFL 2023 draft. (Dylan Engel/The Reporter)

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