Cupid shot you with his arrow so you can love yourself

It is the time of year when Cupid flies down from above and practices his archery skills. For those who were not hit with the lucky bullseye, it is normal to feel like a Grinch on this holiday of love. Instead of spending your day tossing tissues and binging depressing romance flicks, here are a few things you can do to love yourself and others this Valentine’s Day:

Engage in retail therapy. If you are looking for an excuse to click “purchase” on that lingering shopping cart tab, here it is. There is nobody who knows you better than yourself, so who better to buy gifts for? There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself today and every day. 

Treat your loved ones. It is a skewed idea that Valentine’s Day is only for lovers. In reality, Valentine’s Day is for everyone you love. Whether it is your family, friends, coworkers or pets, today is a perfect day to surprise them with a special treat to express your love for them. 

Eat your heart out. A quick fix for a broken heart goes in one way and out the other: food. Practicing your culinary skills in the kitchen might be up your alley, or ordering Chinese takeout might be more your style. Either way, today is a cheat day; some may say Valentine’s Day costs more calories than Thanksgiving.

Self-care. Valentine’s day is the best holiday for loving you. Investing time in doing things you love is self-care. This might look like participating in your favorite hobby, drawing yourself a bath, or cleaning your house. You are capable of giving yourself all the love that no one else can provide you. 

Palentine’s day. Surround yourself with a few of your pals; those who do not have dinner reservations for two, that is. Take advantage of the extra time you have to spend without a significant other and use that towards your friendships. Valentine’s Day for the singles is not meant to be spent dwelling alone, but rather building on the relationships you already have and celebrating love. 

Dance like nobody is watching. If you do happen to be celebrating love day by yourself, an easy way to subside any pessimistic emotions is by listening to music. Put together an upbeat playlist that gets you moving. This is an instant mood booster, and it helps burn off the calories from excessive chocolate eating. 

Netflix and chill. Slip on your pajamas and melt into the couch while watching your favorite films. This is a perfect way to escape a lonely mindset and slip into the mind of a movie character. If you want to take it one step further, you could always go old-school and buy a ticket for the movie theater. 

Social media detox. Scrolling through the lengthy instagram posts on Valentine’s day can get exhausting. Going social media free is an opportunity to disconnect from the virtual world and face the real world. Spreading love in person is better than through a screen. 

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