New chapter for campus bookstore

For the first time in 24 years, the campus bookstore has a new name.

Ownership has changed hands and now the store formerly known as the Barnes and Noble University Bookstore is the Maverick Shop, owned by Follet Higher Education out of Chicago.

Maverick Shop will have extended hours during the first week of classes to help students prepare for the semester. Detailed information on working hours is available on the website via

So far, students find shopping at Maverick Shop convenient.

“I liked it. It is very organized here. And it is also easy to find the things I need because everyone here is helpful,” said freshman Riley Gieser. “I ordered my textbooks online, which was pretty easy to find just by putting in your classes and then connecting with your financial aid.”

“I think it is more convenient now. It took me a minute to get used to, but overall, it is, I think, much easier,” said sophomore Jamie Drey.

In the shop, students can find materials for classes in digital and hardcover formats. 

“I prefer online textbooks, but if it’s a class that is higher level, for example, the four hundred, I prefer the hardcover just because it is easier to read and study from,” said senior Sierra Roiger.

Staff members at Maverick Shop said they enjoy helping students find class materials. Staff keeps the store organized to make sure students can find the books and other materials without any issues.

Student workers help others navigate through the store and place orders. For them, working hours are short to provide time for studies and extracurricular activities. 

“I organize the books or put them away. Or if someone has an order, I pick it up for them and help them get it,” said Summer Melton, student worker at Maverick Shop. “I really like to help people, and I think it is a really good place to work, especially if you are a student, because they give me short hours to make sure I have time to do my homework.”

Maverick Shop promotes the spirit of the university and offers a wide variety of MSU-branded clothing and accessories available in the shop and online. 

“I like that it is called the Maverick Shop. I think it is unique for sure,” said Roiger. 

Additionally, students can purchase necessities for the dorms. Students can find a wide selection of kitchenware, electronics and home decor. For more information about the products and working hours, and to purchase products, see the website on your browser.

Header photo: Students pack the book store to pick up materials for the new school year at the Maverick Shop, formally the Barnes and Nobels Bookstore. (Dominic Bothe/The Reporter)

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