Student Events holds first ever Silent Disco

Finals are almost here but it doesn’t stop the Student Events Team from planning even more unforgettable events for Minnesota State students. 

A new after dark event was announced earlier this month: Silent Disco. This unique event was put together by the event committee Mavericks After Dark and was held in the CSU Ballroom on Nov. 18. 

Silent disco is an event where people are able to listen and dance to their music of choice through wireless headphones rather than a typical speaker system. Students were provided headphones and the optional music stations of international music, top 40 hits and classic throwbacks with each station having its own DJ. 

Mavericks After Dark Chair Janat Kazibwe was in charge of organizing the after dark event along with the help of the Student Events Team. She revealed that the Silent Disco event was the Student Events team’s first one.

“I think there was a silent disco six years ago. I think other organizations on campus have done a silent disco like four years ago but this is the Student Events team’s very first silent disco.” Kazibwe said. 

Kazibwe shares the idea of the after dark event and its concept behind it and how it was able to provide both fun and entertainment for every MSU student that attended. 

“It was just a thought; we thought about an event that would be inclusive to everybody. People are different; they have different music tastes and music genres. So usually you can’t please everybody’s taste at a party,” she said. “But a silent disco enables that to happen because of the three different channels, three different genres of music, so people can choose to tune in to whatever they love to listen to, hence the inclusivity and different friend groups having fun at the same time.” 

First-year student Lex Lustig shared their opinion on attending Silent Disco and how fun it was for all the students that attended. 

I’ve never experienced the event before. I’ve heard about silent disco nights and I always wanted to go to one and, thankfully, I was able to because of MSU and the student events team. The event was very exciting and the fact that they were playing music from our childhood was the thing that really made it perfect. And we could all just relax and enjoy the time and the nostalgia that it brought.” Lustig said. “I think it would be really awesome if they put this on again every few years. It would be more fun if more students knew about it and went because it might be for everyone. Everyone listens to what they want so why not try it out again?”

As the fall semester comes to an end, Kazibwe reveals that the Student Events Team have started planning out several events for the upcoming spring semester and shared a few that are in the works. 

“For the spring semester, we’ll have tubing in Mankato. That’s when you go to Mt. Kato and tube with your friends and have hot chocolate and stuff like that. Another thing that’s still in the works is roller skating; a roller skating event. We’ll just see how that goes.” she said. 

For more information on how to get involved with the Student Events Team, visit mnsu.edu/StudentEventsTeam or attend meetings that are held every Tuesday at 4 in CSU 245.

Write to Anahi Zuniga at anahi.zuniga@mnsu.edu

Header Photo: The Student Events Team hosted the first Silent Disco with headphones provided, including three different stations to dance the stress away before finals begin. (Alexis Darkow/The Reporter)

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