Best apartment complex: College Town

College Town has much to offer to all students

All the amities you could want, in one convenient location.

College Town holds a special place in many people’s hearts as the winner of best apartment complex. Just a short bus ride from campus, which picks you up right at the gate, College Town combines a safe college community atmosphere with all the fun you could have, reasonability, hopefully.

College Town’s goal is simple, to make your college experience fun. They do that with a several amenities to keep you happy and having fun.

They also have a great location. Just a mile from the MSU campus, you are able to take a short bus ride, or long walk, to campus for all of your classes. The location is also great because you are not right on top of campus. You do not have to deal with the campus traffic; you are on the road and on your way.

There are several amenities at College Town that make it a top-of-the-line apartment complex.

For starters they have a free hot tub, who doesn’t love a hot tub? It is a great place to hang out after a tough day at school or work, and is a nice way to stay warm during these frigid Minnesota winters with all of your friends.

In the clubhouse, residents have a ton of different games to pick from with a pool table and lounge area, a perfect place to relax and have some fun. You can set up a Ping-Pong tournament, or just play the casual game with a friend, but we all know with ping-pong, it’s never casual.

Not too forget the outdoor pool, which gives the residents a place to cool off in the summer time. They also have bean bags to keep yourself entertained for when its nice enough to go outside, but not nice enough to jump in the pool.

College Town also has basketball courts and volleyball courts, so residents are able to get their friends and neighbors together to get a friendly or competitive game going, whether it is five-on-five or one-on-one, all are welcome at the community courts and sad pits.

The Clubhouse also has an exercise room, so you can exercise if you are into that kind of thing. Full of free weights and several types of treadmills, you can stay away from the freshman 15 with the included exercise room.

The Clubhouse is the perfect space to meet your neighborhood. It has all the amenities you could want in a complex. Not only can you meet new friends there, but also you can just go to relax if your roommates are bothering you that much.

To prepare yourself for your spring break trip to Florida or wherever place that is warmer than here, College Town holds free tanning beds to prepare your skin for the beach.

The lounge area is perfect to set up a quick game of cards or monopoly, what ever games you are into, the lounge area is the perfect spot to set it up.

The gated community keeps its residents safe along with several amenities inside each home.

Each bedroom includes a private bathroom, which is always nice because nobody wants to share a bathroom. That’s just crazy. Each home has high-speed internet and premier cable television package, which is all free.

College Town is under RENT MSU’s roof with College Station, The Quarters at Mankato and RENT MSU Houses, so you know your landlords are knowledgeable about the renting business and overall experience. They will give you top of the line service and make sure you are comfortable in your cottage.

College Town is the perfect place to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. College Town is all about making the best four years of your life, even better. This complex wants you to make new friends and expand on your college years.
This comes straight from the College Town website, “If you can’t have any fun here, you’re probably dead.”

Their object to make living safe and fun, and with all of the amenities it is almost impossible to not enjoy your times at College Town, thus making it the best apartment complex in Mankato.

Photo: (Trevor Cokley/The Reporter)

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