2 thoughts on “LOCAL RATES – REGULAR ISSUE ADS (2023-2025)

  • Hi – this is more of a question…I have an ad for my astrology business and I am wondering if it possible to post it in The Reporter? When I was a student a MSU, I remember the last page or so contained advertisements – for sale, personals, etc.

    Could you please let me know – and if you choose not to publish something of this nature (astrology) tell me what the reason is and why please?

    Thank you – glen

    • Dana Clark

      Glen – Thanks for your inquiry. Please contact our Advertising Department for more information on display ads. We can make an ad for you that works with your budget, or we can size and price something for you if you have something already generated. Please contact Travis Meyer (travis.meyer@mnsu.edu) at 507-389-5097 or Mitchell Favor (mitchell.favor@mnsu.edu) at 507-389-1063 for more info. Thanks much, Dana


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