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Mavericks share list to complete before graduation

With so little time to accomplish anything other than school work and part-time jobs, the undergraduate years can zip by. College students seem to have the least amount of time for pleasure. College is often described by graduates as “the best four years of your life.” Here are some of the things that Minnesota State University, Mankato students hope to cross off of their bucket lists before graduation:

“Before I graduate college, I want to be more open with people, get to know them, and maybe build new relationships. I want to maybe start a women’s bible study on campus and make memories,” said Shantel Clark, a junior at MSU.

“I want to get healthier and work out more in college. I just want my 20s to be spent bettering myself,” said junior Thanowa Lual.

Elliot S. Conwell, majoring in communication studies, said, “Before I graduate, I want to say that I lived in a college house. So this summer me and my four other roommates are moving into our first house together. It is an old 100 year old college house. I’m super excited and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.”

“Honestly, I hope to meet my future husband before I graduate,”Anaysha Smith, MSU freshman, in nursing said.

“Before I graduate I want to buy a house,” Angelina Curd of business management said.

Junior Raevon Gentry said, “I have wanted to go to more cultural events on campus since my freshman year. Not just my culture, but any cultures.”

“Maintain healthy friendships and cut toxic people out. Also, to finish watching Full House,” said Michael Stamp, senior of theatre.

“I really want to get an internship out of the way. I know that it is going to be super hard to get a job after school without one, but it is also really hard to even get an internship,” said Kadiija Ahmed, a sophomore social work major.

“I want to go vegan or vegetarian before I graduate just to get that experience,” said LaBrea Vasquez of social work.

Alivia Buggs, sophomore social work major, said, “Before graduation, I want to take a spring break trip to South Padre Island.”

“Honestly, I hope to have a full week of being completely rested and have all of my homework done,” said Alex Blesi of theatre.

Finally, senior Megan Carlson of accounting said, “I want to travel to Australia before I have to start paying back my student loans.”

Many students shared similar, if the not the same, wishes as the ones listed above by students. The most popular goal to accomplish before graduation was to travel and/or go on a road trip. As previously mentioned by Dr. Kimberly Sommers, a faculty member in the Counseling Center, it is vital that students know when to create time for personal and social interests as well as academic obligations.

“Treat yo’ self”, said Sommers.

There is a famous inspirational quote by an Irish playwright named George Bernard Shaw that said “You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?’” Why not do all of those things on that graduation bucket list, MSU? These are the best four years of your life.

Photo: “My Bucket List!” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by ohdearbarb

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