Letter from the Editor: Let us know about your events!

Here at Minnesota State University, Mankato we are incredibly lucky to have such an active campus community, with hundreds of Recognized Student Organizations and campus centers hosting amazing events each semester that are educational, informative, and fun. As journalists, the Reporter staff is very fortunate to be involved in spreading the word when a new event is being planned, but did you know that most of our article ideas come from the event planners themselves?

As the campus news publication, the Reporter strives to offer equal coverage to all events, but we ask for some help from our students, RSOs, and centers to help us do an even better job bringing the news of campus activities to students.

When submitting a story, please list a student who can be available for a brief interview; we want your voice to be heard when we are covering an event! We ask that you submit stories as early as possible, to allow our writers time to research your event.

There are a couple of ways you can let the Reporter know about your event:

Fill out a Story Idea Form in the MSU Reporter office, CSU 293.
You can stop by the Reporter any weekday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to fill out a quick form that will tell our writers the date, time, and name of the event, as well as who to contact for a quote or more information about an event.

Email the Editor in Chief at
If you have a press release already prepared for your event, a great way to get in touch with the Reporter is to send the Editor in Chief an email. If you have images of your group or event, we appreciate being able to use student-submitted images and will be sure to credit the photographer.

Schedule a meeting with the News Editor, A&E Editor, or Sports Editor.
Our editors spend a great deal of time in the Reporter office–especially on Monday and Wednesdays. If you aren’t able to stop in on one of these days, you can email them to set up a meeting where you can discuss your event.

Place an ad.
If your event is budgeted through RSO funding or similar, you are welcome to place an ad in the Reporter. Our advertising team has many layouts and sizes available to suit any event budget. Stop by our office or send an email to

Consider joining our team!
If you are heavily involved on campus and are interested in writing about campus events, consider applying to join our writing or photography teams at the Reporter. We will be accepting applications for the Fall Semester beginning in August.

We would like to thank each and every student who has worked hard to put on events this semester-you are the reason this campus is so vibrant and we are thankful to be a part of it.

– Rae Frame, Editor in Chief

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