Meet the 2016-2017 MSSA Candidates

MSSA election day is April 12, who will you vote for?

MAVs Party

MAVS Party

“Mavericks, it is time for student needs to be put first. When choosing to vote for the MAVs (Motivate. Advocate. Validate.), you are voting for a group of leaders with unique experiences and backgrounds. We understand that there is always room for growth, and ALL Mavericks deserve to move forward. To do that, we believe that collaboration is the only way.

A vote for MAVs is a movement toward an improved online education experience, reduced textbook expenses, implementing a Waste Initiative, continuing the free parking lot, improved busing, creating inclusive housing options, transparency regarding senate activities and communications, bridging the gap between students and their representation, and increased collaboration between campus entities. MAVs will do their research and embrace perspectives in order to create a campus climate that allows all Mavericks a safe and enjoyable place to learn and grow.

For more specifics regarding our platform and other updates, please visit or email Remember to vote MAV April 12 at

This message is sponsored by MAVs (Motivate. Advocate. Validate.) who will MOTIVATE students to reach their potential, ADVOCATE for students who need support, and VALIDATE student concern by recognizing and fulfilling student needs.”

Maverick Family Movement Party

Maverick Family Movement

“If elected as President & Vice President of MSSA, we compromise to work on implementing a Bike Share Program through the Adventure Education Program and the City of Mankato. To extend library hours on Friday, advocate for more gender-neutral bathrooms to accommodate members of the LGBTQ community, and to improve accessibility for students with disabilities in the areas of housing, facilities, and academic support.

To establish more resources to support the transition of Spring admits to MNSU for international students and transfer students. We are striving to continue to hold administrators accountable by increasing the number of open forums to allow all students and members of the community from diverse backgrounds to voice their concerns openly. In addition, improving MSSA transparency by holding more external office hours and monthly forums.

Our movement is committed to change by having a diverse and capable student senate party representing every community on our campus. With the Maverick Family Movement, no one will be without representation! Follow the link to see our whole platform.

We appreciate your support during this election season! Thank you!”

MSU Big Ideas Party


“MSU Big Ideas Party consist of diverse group of student leaders who have put their effort towards a successful education and living experience at MSU and to bring all the diverse cultures together to create one big MSU family comprised of unity and strength. MSU Big Ideas party is working on developing an emergency program to provide funding for students that are dealing with financial crisis, working on building partnerships with off-campus apartment complexes to get good deals for summer housing such as students who wish to stay off campus during summer will have off campus apartments available.

Extending the moving out day from the dorm so that students can concentrate on their exams without worrying about moving out on the last day of the final week. We are working on having buses run on Sundays and also expanding bus stops to more convenient place for MSU Students. Since the funding is limited to the departments, we are working on having e-books which will be cheaper for library to purchase and can have it available for students to use free of cost. We are planning to increase the funding for student organizations/clubs by approaching a strong collaboration with domestic and international Alumni.

One of our goals is to increase the student’s enrollment to MSU by visiting high schools and convince them to continue with their higher education at MSU by advertising our university facilities and resources. Your vote is valuable make sure you give it to the right party. If you want something done, MSU Big Ideas party is the one!”

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