Travel the world without leaving MNSU

“Discover the World” this Sunday in the CSU Ballroom

Travel the world this weekend without ever leaving MSU’s campus. The annual Mankato Area International Festival will take place this Sunday, March 10, in the Student Union Ballroom from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This year’s theme is “Discover the World,” and, true to its title, students will be able to experience all sorts of cultures right here on campus. Countries and regions that will be featured include Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Italy, various parts of Africa, Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Mexico.

There will be entertainment from all over the world preforming on three different stages at the event. The performances will be by students from international student organizations and will feature cultural dancing, singing, magic, game-show trivia, and story-telling.

“It is amazing to me what talented performers our students here [are],” said Doni Casula, Assistant Director in International Student and Scholar Services.

Unique professional performers will also be brought in to perform on the different stages at the event.
Throughout the event, there will be cultural booths for various student associations, exchange programs, Study Abroad, and other recognized international student focused organizations. Venders will be selling crafts and other things that come from around the world. Most of the items for sale are made by the students who are selling them. Students will also be selling appetizer-sized food items representing cuisine from different parts of the world.

Along with the diverse entertainment and booths, a silent auction will be taking place where people can bid on many interesting items and experiences, one of which is a dinner with MSU’s President, Dr. Richard Davenport. All proceeds will go towards international student scholarships.

This is the festival’s 40th year and is a culmination of the very diverse student population here on campus. MSU has over 1,100 international students who each bring their own unique talents and stories.

“The depth and breadth of diversity in Mankato is striking,” Casula said, “and the Mankato Area International Festival is a great way to experience it.”

These students enjoy sharing their cultures and perspectives with others, and Casula encourages students to attend the event, both in support for these students and to learn more about their cultures.
“It is a tremendous opportunity for students who may not have the means or opportunity to study abroad to gain cultural competence right here at MSU,” Casula said.

This event isn’t just limited to the people on campus. It is open to everyone who wants to learn more about different cultures, and the public is welcomed to join in the festivities. It is an event that everyone in the family would enjoy and learn from. Admission and parking are free.

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