Futures Feature: Finding faith at Crossroads

Feel loved and accepted at this encouraging campus ministry

Crossroads Campus Ministry is a ministry that gives so much to the MSU community and at the same time it rewards students that knowing they’re closer to God whenever they enter the building. Four really important aspects of Crossroads happen within the space of a week. Tammy Dahlvang, the ELCA pastor affiliated with the ministry, sat down with the Reporter and answered a few questions.

Reporter: How did you decide to become a pastor?
PT: “I became a Lutheran when I was in college. I had been majoring in economics, but when I started looking for God I began to take comparative religion classes. I loved those classes, and the Lutheran Campus Ministry was one where questions were welcome.”

Reporter: Walk us through how you got involved with Crossroads.
PT: “I was ordained in 1997, and have served three congregations. The first one is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The other two are both in southern Minnesota. When my husband (who is also a pastor) came to serve at Bethlehem in Mankato, I commuted for a while. I’ve always loved campus ministry, and when I learned that Crossroads was looking for a pastor, I asked to be considered.”

Reporter: What are some of the favorite parts of your job?
PT: “I love being with college students. Since I first came to faith in a campus ministry, the way that campus ministry operates- where people are hanging out in the building a lot, and some even live here, and we eat all of the time- seems to me the way that the church should be. I’ve also really enjoyed forming relationships with some of the faculty and staff at MSU.”

Reporter: Are you involved in other campus groups other than Crossroads?
PT: “We work with some of them, but I am not involved in any of them.”

Reporter: What off-campus projects are you involved in?
PT: “I’m active at Bethlehem, my husband’s church. I’m also involved in my sons’ activities at Mankato West High School.”

Reporter: Is there anything else you wish to share with us?
PT: “Only that I’m honored to be asked for this interview, and that I’d love to talk about what God is up to at MSU, and at Crossroads, with anyone who is interested.”
Crossroads is located at 330 Dillon Avenue, behind the Jane Earley Center for the Performing Arts, and across from the Trafton Science Center. Crossroads is affiliated with ELCA, but they do welcome everyone. On Tuesdays, they offer a weekly home-cooked meal for the community for only $1 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and you’ll think it just came out of your parents’ kitchen. At 4 p.m. on Tuesdays, a program called Affirmation happens and it mainly focuses on how LGBTQ members can still be one with God.

On Wednesdays, Crossroads has Worship, which everyone is welcome to partake in, starting at 8 p.m. Of course, Crossroads is the home of Campus Cupboard, the student food shelf.
For more information on the ministry, you can reach Crossroads at 507-625-6779.

Wes Huntington

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