Bob’s Burgers marks 100th episode on air

Popular TV comedy show will feature Paul Rudd as guest star

Sometimes it feels like something that has become a big part of your life has always been with you, and yet it’s amazing how fairly new it actually is. I know for me, the show Bob’s Burgers has actually become something that means a lot to me. It’s the show that gives me encouragement with its diverse and zany cast of characters; it’s there to make a bad day good with some laughs; it makes a good day great for the same reason. And yet, the show hasn’t even broken 100 episodes yet.

That’s about to change, though!

On May 22, the hit cult show on FOX, done in the familiar animation style like that of The Simpsons and Family Guy, will mark its 100th episode, and fans of the show can only speculate as to what exactly will happen. All that has been revealed is that Bob, the main character of the show, will be glued to a toilet after a game that he and his family play goes awry.

The show is now in its sixth season, and the past five seasons can be watched on Netflix. Since every episode is less than half an hour long, and since every storyline is unique in its own way, it’s a show that is easy to binge-watch (which is exactly what I did!). The show revolves around burger joint owner, Bob Belcher, and his family, consisting of his optimistic, wine-loving wife Linda and their three kids; awkward teenage girl Tina, showboat musician Gene, and evil genius Louise. Every Sunday night, the family gets wrapped up in a new kooky and edgy adventure, whether that’s paying homage to The Goonies or becoming friends with a bank robber.

It’s crazy to think of how much has changed since the first episode. When the show first premiered on FOX, some critics felt that the show wouldn’t last long, since its slot was before The Simpsons, and because the first episode’s storyline was about how Bob is suspected by his wife’s old boyfriend, now a health inspector, to be making his burgers out of human flesh. With this crazy idea that pushes all kinds of boundaries, some felt that the show was too edgy to continue on. However, once the show found its own unique voice, and once new characters were introduced who have now become a part of the regular cast, the show has really taken off.

Bob’s Burgers has also had quite the lineup of guest stars in its run so far, ranging from Satueday Night Live alum Bill Hader to Kevin Kline. The newest guest star, who has yet to be heard but is confirmed to be a guest voice, is Paul Rudd. When it was revealed at Comic-Con this year that Rudd would voice a horse, Tina’s favorite animal, fans went crazy!

This show may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think there are moments in every season, and even every episode, that people can either relate to or that they would at least find very amusing. Like I said, this show may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you don’t want a sip, that’s fine. I’m happy with chugging down the whole teapot!

Photo: CC BY 2.0 by shannonpatrick17

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