Futures feature: Get personalized care at Counseling Center

The Counseling Center in Minnesota State University, Mankato is the center for students having any kinds of concerns from personal to academic matters. It offers professional help students to handle and solve their matters, so that they can succeed in college life.

Services are for only enrolled students in Minnesota State University, Mankato, so students need to be enrolled, at least, one credit.

It is divided into two different types of counseling, individual and group counseling. Individual counseling is the one you might generally expect when you think about counseling. It is one-on-one session, so it will be only between the student and the counselor. Counseling can be helpful in various ways including assisting students understand their own feelings, beliefs, or behaviors, so that work through difficult situations.

Once you want to have individual sessions, you will fill out a form shortly before being scheduled for the first consultation. The form will be about past history about yourselves including personal medication, treatment, family history. Then, you will sign for “Informed Consent” which informs the nature of counseling and sessions will be held. At the first meeting with assigned counselor, you will be asked some questions about on-going issues that make you visit this center. It is for the counselor get to know you and the situation as a starting point.

Enrolled students can have up to 10 individual sessions per academic year. One session usually lasts for 45 minutes. Most students go for weekly or every other week, but they also can adjust the visiting depending on their preferences.

And there is group counseling which will give students opportunities to reflect themselves through interpersonal communication. It is a good way to learn and improve themselves more among the group. Students might be a bit awkward and hesitate, but participants consistently find group to be helpful.

Groups are open for new members at the beginning of each semester. Students who want to join in group will need to complete the first consultation and a brief screening to decide eligibility. Two counselors meet with a group of four to eight students once per week for about an hour and a half.

Group sessions do not be included 10 individual sessions, which means students may participate in both sessions. But the center suggests for students who want to join both sessions that they have different and separate goals.

All these sessions, individual and group counseling, are confidential. These will stay only between the client and the counselor, unless the client gives written authorization to release the information.

Visiting counseling sessions, here in our campus, will not affect students’ academic record. This is not such a thing that remains in your personal records. Another advantage of this center is that all counseling sessions are free; the service from the counseling center is no charge. No need to worry about costs at all, plus whether your insurance may cover or not. Also, the Counseling Center is made up with six full-time psychologists who have doctoral- and master’s-level license and are specialized in university mental health. The quality of each session is also as much good as other private counseling outside the campus.

Appointments are based on calling at 507-389-1455 or visiting in person at the Counseling Center in CSU (Centennial Student Union) 285.

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