Earth: It’s the only home we get

This summer can be a time of action to help our planet

The summer time is almost here and its about time to put on the shades, lean your head back and bask underneath the mighty rays of the sun. However, this summer I challenge you to think about climate change.

As you go back to your hometowns ask people about the climate, mostly older people, and I bet you that over eighty percent will say that there has been a change. Global warming is not just a theory anymore, but a reality.

The earth’s climate is changing at an increased rate, even faster than scientists had predicted. Glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. All in all, human activity is to blame for our planet’s destruction.

We all love the summer time, green grass, sunny days and cool breezes. Personally, I am really excited for it, yet I am an international student that comes from the tropics, where it is sunny almost all year, so it will feel like being home.

Let’s just take a second to think about it. Everything in the ecosystem has a part to play. The winter acts almost like a decomposer, to allow new plants to flourish during the spring. I was really disappointed with the winter as everyone that lived in Mankato kept saying how Jack Frost would have a field day. On some days it actually felt normal, it was just cold outside.

Earth Day was just last week; the day is supposed to mark the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Earth Day is an annual event and is meant to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Currently coordinated globally by the Earth day network it is now celebrated in over 193 countries each year. Many countries are trying to “save the earth” but their efforts are not enough.

To summarize all this information, ask yourself one question, how am I helping the earth?
The earth provides us with water, air, food and so many other resources, yet we hardly give enough back to her. Seemingly all we do is take and show absolutely no appreciation. On top of all that we demine mother earth by abusing her through killing her atmosphere, her wildlife and her forests. All things that we had no impact in creating. Every human being is guilty for not protecting the earth and therefore it is the responsibility of each individual to start making an effort in order to conserve the earth.

The magnificent sites, amazing horizons, sandy beaches and earth’s mighty monuments will soon all be gone if we do not make a change. Picture your families or your friends, all the time you spend together and the close bonds you form over the summer. I dare you to form the same bonds with mother earth. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. These are three words that should be engrained in your system.

But you can go a step further. Plant a tree, or better yet, a garden. Start a cleanup crew in your neighborhood, show initiative towards a cleaner, better and greener earth. The time is now, we are Earths last hope and it is time we showed her that we really care.

Photo: “Recycle Reduce Reuse” (CC BY 2.0) by kevin dooley 

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