Women’s Center hosts final ‘Open Mic and Art Night’

Express and de-stress yourself this May 4 of finals week

On Wednesday, May 4, the Women’s Center will be hosting their final ‘Open Mic and Art Night’ of the year, which will take place from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. in the Bullpen TV Lounge. All performance types are welcome, ranging from spoken word poetry to musical items, and snacks and refreshments will be provided.

This event will mark the third of the Monthly Open Mic Nights, which were launched by the Women’s Center this semester. The first ever Monthly Open Mic Night occurred on March 23 and the second on the April 13. Despite the fact that these events are a fairly recent addition to MSU, these nights have had “really positive reception so far” according to Renée Turgeon, the Assistant Director of the Women’s Center.

Turgeon states that these nights are perfect for providing students with “a chance to share their writing, art, poetry, songs, dance, or whatever other type of performance they would like to have an audience for.” She believes that this night is important because it provides “an opportunity for students to support each other as artists, writers and performers, and for students to express themselves in a supportive and fun environment.” She also notes that it is not limited to purely original content, and that students who wish to perform but do not have original material are more than welcome to “play cover songs or read published poetry or writing.” The event will also feature an open art gallery space, where students will be given the opportunity to display their artwork.

These Open Mic Nights are already gaining a following amongst the MSU community. However, Turgeon emphasizes that she would “love to see even more students and performers” at the final event of the term. A sign-up sheet will be made available on the night, which will allow students to come along and sign up on the spot.

Turgeon believes students should get involved because these nights are always “a lot of fun,” and always features “good food and performances.” These events provide a great opportunity for the creative types to build their confidence in their chosen art.

However, events like these are not limited to the creative types alone, as they provide a great creative outlet for all students. So no matter a student’s previous experience, or lack thereof, these nights provide a fantastic opportunity for every student. Open mic nights also allow students to interact with others with similar interests, and can thus also be a great opportunity to socialise and meet new people.

Turgeon strongly encourages all students to attend, noting that even those that do not wish to perform should still come along and “support their fellow Mavericks.” There is something there for everybody: whether you are a literary buff; an art enthusiast; a music fan; or just an ordinary student looking for a good time.

So for an evening featuring fun, food and festivities, come along to the Open Mic and Art Night next Wednesday!

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