Summer possibilities: 5 things to try this summer

How are your finals going? We all know we’re stressed out and exhausted. But we only have one more week to go and the summer is just about to start. Let’s hang in there together for the break.
Speaking of the summer, do you have any ideas for the summer break? Here are some good ideas to spend this summer worthily as college students.

1. Give yourself a ‘Shakespeare Vacation’
I know it might sound so boring but there is nothing worthy than reading classics. You are a college student and you are here for higher education. And like Abigail Adams said, “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”
Theses days, not many people read steadily. Especially, when it comes to classics, students barely read those not as long as required in classes. Instead, we have been holding our phones in our hands. This phenomenon brought us some major issues, that we don’t think critically and debate enough. People are easily distracted to minor issues from social media, which aren’t verified. To bring a qualified debating forum, we need to educate ourselves.

Back in the Victorian era in Great Britain, there was a reading vacation called ‘Shakespeare Vacation’. This is for submitting book reports after reading 5 pieces of Shakespeare intensively during a month of a paid holidays. Queen Victoria used to give this holidays to higher bureaucrats once in 3 years. Shakespeare’s pieces are well-known world widely since it describes of human nature and complicated relationships. She wanted them to have deeper insight to do better politics for the people.

You don’t have to submit homework to the queen but how about give yourself some valuable time?

2. Get out of your comfort zone
Try a new form of exercise. Other than running by yourself, run with your friends, or in a group. If you are an active runner, try Yoga instead of it. If you have been doing Pilates, go for crazy spinning class.
Try a new video game. It’s summer. What better time is there to adventure in a fancy virtual world without worrying about school?

Go somewhere you have never been. Go on a road trip, take a short flight to a totally different world with your friends. Be adventurous!

Try to break your fears. Is there anything that makes you afraid to try? Maybe it’s a perfect time to challenge yourself. Personally, I broke my fear of swimming and have been learning how to swim, so that I can fully enjoy it this summer!

3. Experience and educate yourself
Learn an instrument. You might have wanted to learn new stuff other than sports. Find some local classes and try it immediately! Hesitation will end this summer.

Go to museums. These kinds of places give you huge opportunities to earn yourself to cultural perspectives. If you can’t go to the Louvre in Paris, there is Minneapolis Institute of Art in Minnesota. It is a great place where you can experience beautiful art pieces including magnificent European pieces.

4. Clean yourself up
If you’re a holder, then it is the time to re-organize yourself. Go over your belongings and separate them into what you need and you don’t need. And among what you don’t need, donate useful stuff and get rid of the rest. Since you became a college student, your life has been changed in some ways. It is a good time to re-arrange your routine. Also, don’t forget to clean up your e-life! Unfriend Facebook friends who you don’t even talk to anymore. Clean your laptop, desktop drives, and your phone too.

5. Prepare for next semester.
It’s your job to enjoy the break but you should also be ready for the fall semester. Registering classes and planning ahead. Because you don’t want to do it last minute and freak out.

These ideas are inspired by Kelci Lynn Lucier, so if you want more information, visit May the luck be in your favor with finals and have a great summer break!

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