Top six tips for managing your summer classes


Students are most likely taking a summer class to speed up their path to graduation or keep themselves occupied during the summer.

Here are some tips for summer class newbies and veterans:

Show up to class

If you’re taking an in-person class, it may be meeting up to five days a week because of the shorter semester. This means there will be an accelerated curriculum and one class period during the spring semester version of the course may equal two or three periods during the summer.

This means showing up to class is even more crucial because there’s more information covered each class period.

If you miss a class, be sure to refer to the course syllabus to see what you missed and email your instructor or a classmate about it.

Don’t get behind in work in online classes

In online classes, you may be given the option to hand in all coursework towards at the end of the term. Saving all this work for the last week is something you should not do. This is why you should make a schedule for all your work to make sure you don’t fall behind.

The course syllabus will be your friend here. Set aside a couple hours a week to sit down and make your room the classroom.

Use previous coursework to your advantage

Students might be taking a course in their major this summer while others might be retaking a course they received a bad grade in previously. Either way, use old coursework to give your brain a refresher.

If you’re retaking a class with the same professor, they might operate the same, but don’t assume they’ll be using the same assignments, quizzes and exams from before.

Get to know your instructor

This applies especially to students taking in-person classes. If you’re going to be seeing the same instructor up to five days a week, you might as well get to know them.

For those taking online classes, see if you can meet with your instructor two or three times this semester just to talk about the course material. Your relationship with them could turn into a letter of recommendation in the future.

Get to know your classmates

It’s always nice to have a buddy or two you can go to if you miss class.

Make friends with your classmates and in addition to asking them what you missed in class, you can work with them on assignments outside of class. They’re here for the same reason as you and it might be worth getting to know them in the long run.

Don’t forget to enjoy the summer

Chances are you’re taking a considerably smaller workload this summer semester compared to the fall or spring. Make sure you make time for yourself and enjoy the summer weather.

Unwinding and relaxing can take you away from the stress that may come with accelerated coursework.

Above all else, remember to treat your summer classes different from fall or spring classes because of the accelerated environment. Summer is very unique in that the course flies by. These classes will be over before you know it and you’ll be back to the real game in the fall.

Good luck in your summer courses!

Gabe Hewitt

Gabe is a junior mass media student at MSU. He's usually up for anything. You can find him on Twitter (@gabehewitt) or you can email him at

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