What’s hot and what’s not: Summer fashion 2016


I had a pocket full of coupons and a credit card when I walked into River Hills mall in search of a new summer wardrobe. Ratty T-shirts dominated my current closet, and I was ready for something new and trendy.
But just what is trendy these days? Here is the scoop on what’s hot in women’s summer fashion, from an un-biased, T-shirt clad Minnesota native.


White, flowy tops. As if dinner dates weren’t already stressful enough, you can now enjoy your chicken parmesan in one of these filmy, breezy saucetraps. I do want to be fashionable, but I’m a legal adult and still haven’t figured out how to do anything in white clothing, except stand motionless in the corner. Even if it lasts the day, I ruin it in the washer. Was there some kind of class about this that I missed in school?

Off-shoulder tops. There are some off-shoulders that are really attractive. Others make you look like you’re testing out your pirate costume for Halloween a few months early. Make sure you buy the right kind. Also keep in mind that it’s difficult to live life to the fullest in one of these little elastic sacks. Spontaneous tree climbing or running across a field Sound of Music style isn’t as fun if you’ve constantly got to jerk your neckline above sealevel. (If you know what I mean.)

Wearing bras in public. They’re called bralettes, so it’s totally fine. Oh gee, I just can’t wait to see everyone’s stomachs!

Lace-up flats. I saw a lot of these during my jaunt through the mall. They’re just like gladiator sandals, except with the promise of an even stranger foot tan. On the other hand, though, they’re very useful for hiding chipped pedicures.

Rompers. I know you’re on the edge of your seats, waiting for an update on rompers. What is the status? Are they socially accepted yet? When will they share equal rights with the sundress or classic jean cutoffs?

Well, though rompers are abundant online and in department stores, I’ve only seen two people wear them street style in Mankato. The first one looked pretty rad, and I was jealous. The second one was struggling with a case of the dreaded romper wedgie. Rompers have the potential to make you look either fashionably innocent, or simply terrible, and you’ll never know which result you’ll get until you try one on.

Activewear – This is, without a doubt, the best trend out there, because it doesn’t have problems like the aforementioned items. You can get any color you want. It’s made for movement. It’s comfortable. It’s accepted. It’s not really viewed as high fashion, but it’s the opposite of frumpy. It is, without a doubt, the most popular type of clothing for MSU students. I also just learned on the radio that it increases self esteem, because it makes you feel like you just got back from the gym (Thanks, John Tesh). If you want to be cool without standing out in a crowd, go this route.

On the drive home from the mall, I considered all I had seen – the good, the bad, and the ugly. The most pressing question in my mind was, “Why do I never see anyone wearing the stuff that’s apparently ‘in?’” Who decides what’s “in” and how do they get people to wear it? Do Mankato residents just have a fashion phobia? Are we too lazy for high fashion, or maybe just too smart? That’s a topic for another article. In the meantime, go buy what makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, and happy. There’s no need to bow and scrape to the fashion fascists dictating our wardrobes. Love what you wear, wear what you love.

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