MNSU Students Get a Jump on Fitness this Semester

Fitness is one of the major keys to a healthy lifestyle and productive living, but the journey to getting fit challenges an individual not only physically but also mentally. Some benefits of fitness include prevention of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Being fit is also an excellent way to boost self-esteem.

Fitness though is not only about exercising, there are a number of habits that contribute to a person’s fitness. Habits like a person’s diet, how many hours they sleep and how they choose to spend their leisure time.

All in all, exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel better, gain health benefits and have fun.

The Human Performance Department at Minnesota State University, Mankato is keen on encouraging students to get involved in as many fitness courses as possible by having a wide range of options to choose from. These courses are developed to ensure students learn the importance of fitness and also get to have fun in a course that is not necessarily in a typical classroom setting.

One of these courses is Aquatic Skills which is an advanced swimmers course. There are some courses for beginners that are highly recommendable as swimming is a life skill and it is very important that very individual be able to get in the water and feel comfortable. Swimming is one of the simplest ways to get fit as it works your entire body and pushes you to the max. Swimming is also great as you can do it with friends, relax by the pool and even tan when you’re not swimming.

Swimming also has some amazing benefits like improving flexibility and strength. Other benefits are building up endurance, improving circulation and improving physique. Therefore, swimming is a one of the most recommendable ways to get and stay fit.

Another course offered by the Human Performance Department is Fitness Activities will build students’ understanding on general fitness and test their participation in various activities undertaken in the class.

Some other courses also offered are Individualized Exercise, Aerobic Conditioning and Sport Activities that deals with different types of sports, one of them being dance-line. Aerobic conditioning is usually a focus more on running and aerobic exercises.

Dancing not only has a wide range of physical benefits but also mental benefits as well. According to, some of the benefits include improved condition of your heart and lungs, improved physical confidence and improved mental functioning. Dancing is also a marvelous way to meet new friends as it applies to people of all ages, shapes and sizes, therefore socializing and building a good network that may one-day aid one in the future becomes a walk in the park.

In summary fitness has a great number of benefits from gaining confidence to building an individual’s social network, but the trick is not just to get fit but stay fit. Losing track once fitness is achieved is very easy and keeping a focused mind and staying consistent in everything is very vital.

Registration for classes is also challenging as spots are taken up fast and keeping up with the competition becomes a task. Although these factors may all seem like a headache, nothing beneficial comes easy; you have to put in work to get good results.

If you do not have room to fit a Human Performance class in your schedule this semester, MNSU also offers a number of fitness classes throughout the week, including Yoga Sculpt, Shred, ABBS Fitness Class, HIIT Group Fitness Class, TBS Fitness Class, Yoga for Strength, Beginner Vinyasa Yoga, and Zumba. For more information on times and locations, visit the university master calendar at

My challenge to all students, staff and faculty this semester is to get fit and stay fit and just keep in mind: you may be sore today, but you will be stronger tomorrow.

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