What I Learned from the State Fair

As surprising as it may seem, I attended the Minnesota State Fair for the first time in my 21 years as a Minnesotan. Going into the fair, I had many preconceived notions about what to expect.

Here are my top things I learned from attending the State Fair.

Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar is everything everyone says it is (and you will buy the bucket)

I’ve heard all of the hype; Sweet Martha’s Cookie’s are to die for. After ordering the bucket to split with my sister, I had my first bite. Needless to say, I had no problem polishing off an embarrassing amount of delicious cookies.

Overindulgence is commonplace and allowable

As a person who is health conscious, I wrote myself a free pass to eat whatever I wanted. It seems as though I wasn’t the only one who wrote themselves the same pass. Hundreds of people were walking around with hoards of food in their arms (I may or may not have been one of them, too).

All things considered, the food wasn’t too overpriced. The most expensive thing I ordered was the turkey leg (yum), which was $12.

4H showmen put a lot of time into their craft

Even though I grew up in a suburb, I am still able to spot hard work and effort when I see it.

As I passed through the many 4H buildings, I saw many amazing crafts and animals that obviously spent a lot of time with their craft. Animals were carefully groomed and quilts were stitched to protection. These participants were certainly talented, and the State Fair was the perfect place to showcase that talent.

All cultures and heritages are celebrated, which is what makes Minnesota Minnesota!

While shopping around, I couldn’t help but notice the variety of cultural booths and boutiques. From Ireland, Russia, Africa, to many more places around the world, cultures and souvenirs were displayed in full. This made me happy as I shopped around; to be Minnesotan means to be diverse and accepting to all who live here! Yes for “Minnesota Nice.”

You will claim you are full, but then go back and eat an hour later

No matter how many calories you have consumed, it will happen. You do a lot of walking!

All ages are welcome-especially the pre-born (woohoo, free ticket!)

I have never seen so many families, pregnant women and seniors all in one place!

The fair caters to gluten-free

When you see fair, you think food. For gluten-free people, this may seem a bit sad. However, I was surprised to see that there were many gluten-free foods and beverages. My friend was especially pleased at this.

Practical footwear is a must

After walking and standing for nearly 12 hours, my feet had its own heartbeat. I was very pleased with my decision to wear my boots to the fair as apposed to some type of sandal considering we walked over 21,000 steps in out time there!

Fairing all day is really tiresome

See above point about walking 21,000 steps.

You will want to go again next year

After a day well spent with thousands of Minnesotans and delicious fried food, next year’s fair won’t be able to come fast enough.

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