MNSU’s Guide to a Better School Year

Similar to New Years’ Eve, a new semester births a zoo of new resolutions. If you’re like me, it’s a time to swear off bad habits and gather supplies for at least nine new hobbies. I usually follow this pattern with a new haircut and an exercise routine. However, this flood of self-improvement lasts about a week before stress and French fries take over.

This semester, I’m striving for quality of life over quantity of activity. Here are my five goals for this semester at MSU.

Eat beyond the sandwich.
Food is one of the richest parts of life, and college students tend to miss out on good food since we are always rushing to classes, activities and social events. Last semester I got pretty good at packing lunch for myself every day, to avoid draining my bank account at the campus Chick-fil-A. This year I want to be more creative with lunches. Seasoned tilapia, strawberry spinach salads, and baked potatoes are all on my idea list.

Get to know more international students and attend more cultural events.
I find it humorous how higher education worships diversity, yet while walking through campus I see only “cultural clumps,” with very few groups of mixed race enjoying each other’s company. MSU hosts students from over 90 nations, and I want to use this year to learn more about other cultures and form world connections with my peers. That’s what college should be for, right?

Try at least one new activity every month.
No matter what my place in life, I easily settle into a routine that allows little time to explore the world around me. However, college opens up more opportunities than are usually found in “normal” adult life. Last year, which was my first year at MSU, I got to try countless new things. Some of those are hobbies I will continue, like mountain biking – others are most likely one-time experiences, like dog-sledding, Zumba, and Quidditch. This month, I’m already off to a good start, as I just tried yoga for the first time!

Write something every day.
This may not be a goal you can identify with directly. However, writing is a craft I want to continue learning and perfecting for the rest of my life, and I’ve learned I can’t depend on my classes to do that for me. I need to remember to learn and improve for myself, not a passing grade.

Take a friend to coffee at least once a month.
I’m usually so wrapped up in activities, homework, and social events that I hardly ever do the asking when it comes to quality time with friends. Parties with acquaintances are great, but nothing beats a good heart-to-heart chat. One-on-one time is important. This year I want to be more proactive with forming friendships that will last and really get to know people on a deeper level. Fillin’ Station, anyone?

After reading this list, I hope you can gain some ideas for personal semester goals. We’d love it if you shared them with us on social media, hashtag #msugoals.

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