Seize the Day, Seize the Semester

College is one of the most confusing, inspiring, anxious, happy and frustrating four years of any student’s life. The pressure one feels having to figure out what to do for the rest of your life in just four years is the heaviest burden one can carry. There is so much expected of you in college, performance and good grades being the top of the list.

However, some college students if not most, feel a great sense of regret after graduating with their degrees in various fields. The worry of what if sets in and they are stuck with it for the rest of their life.

Regret is one of the worst feelings a person can have, it always haunts you and surprises you at the most unexpected of times. A saying that my father always used to encourage me with when I was younger was; if you never try then you are bound to fail. Being young this was a tool for motivation but as I grew older, I began to understand that opportunities are endless but it is people’s fear that always leads them away. College is filled with so many opportunities that will teach an individual life long lessons, yet fear still controls most of us.

Some students wait until their senior years to begin exploring the different activities on campus, but they had the opportunity to do so since freshman year. Majority of students end up changing their majors during the course of the college journey, not because things seem hard but interests change. People feel that they would excel more if they did something different. This is the best thing about college, students are open to change. They are ready and willing to try new things.

This same mentality would do wonders if it were applied to daily life.

For example, perhaps there is an audition for a position somewhere being advertised and even though you may not have the proper qualifications for it, you feel that you could give it a try and see how it goes. At the last minute you back out and decide not to get your feet wet. You may end up regretting just that single moment that you backed out for a long time.

Ironically, it just takes that one moment of courage to decide whether to face your fear or live in regret, just that one moment.

Another example is tryouts for a sports team or a play that you may want to be in. You become engulfed by academics and start to make excuses to get out of trying, constantly repeating them to yourself to make you feel better.

Life is not a script where everything is jotted down on pen and paper. Sometimes doing something extraordinary or just participating in anything you find interesting may lead you somewhere you never imagined you would be. All it takes is that one instance of insane courage and bravery to get you through the door.

Education is very vital and can open a number of doors that lead you to great things. Nevertheless, living to your full potential is and should be the most important thing in any individual’s life. Planning for the future is great, but living in the moment ought to be one of your top priorities. The present is a gift each and every day just as its name dictates. Some very motivating and deep words that came from a conversation over the weekend; college is just four years out of your entire lifetime, make it count.

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