Dakota Access pipeline causes controversy, protests

I know you have all heard of the Bundy Militia, the group of so-called patriots who didn’t feel the need to pay taxes and decided to launch an armed protest. A similar event is going on at the Standing Rock tribe in North Dakota.

However, instead of a group of people pissed off at the government that got a lot of media attention, it’s a group of unarmed Native Americans, angry that one of their most sacred sites is being used to construct a pipeline, and discouraged that the incident hasn’t received major media attention.

According to commondreams.org, the protest began in January when North Dakota approved the pipeline to go through the state. The Standing Rock tribe had petitioned the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as a petition entitled “Rezpect our Water” was launched shortly afterwards.

The pipeline rests on Native American territory, thus violating past treaties, threatening the sovereignty of the tribe, and polluting the water supply that passes under the Missouri River. The pipeline would also cause the destruction of countless sacred artifacts, which has already occurred at the hands of the pipeline and their personal.

The protest is being led by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and has been brutalized recently by mercenaries hired by the company building the pipeline with attack dogs and mace. A federal judge ruled that the pipeline will continue, despite protests from the people at Standing Rock.

In recent news, the cast of the upcoming Justice League film will be standing with the protestors along with other celebrities. This, along with photos of the brutalities by the hired security of the pipeline, have led to media attention and a tighter leash on law enforcement and Dakota Pipeline personnel reported by The Hill that President Obama has stepped in and has demanded that the pipeline be stopped.

Despite less media coverage on this, students are not afraid to come together to show their support for the tribe. Tuesday was the NoDAPL Day of Solidarity. Anyone willing to support the Standing Rock tribe gathered at East Jackson St. in Mankato at 5 p.m.

The group advocated with the hashtag #NoDAPL and stood in solidarity against the pipeline. They also promised to urge president Obama to stop the pipeline.

The Sioux tribe of Standing Rock have been in North Dakota for centuries before the land was stolen from them. The real question remains: when are Native American lives and the environment going to be more important than money?

What do you think about this issue? Use the hashtag #ReporterDAPL and share your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Dakota Access pipeline causes controversy, protests

  • Shannon Doll

    Watch Cowspiracy so you have a better understanding of just one of the issues the Bundy’s were actually facing along with them trying to protect their land from the BLM burning them out with a back burn, and so very much more! The reasons the protesters gathered and occupied the land owned by United States Bureau of Land Management and how this land is actually was being used against the farmers and ranchers is so internal and corrupt your analogy and comments are completely biased.

  • This pipeline is illegal
    This company is acting as a terrorist organization.
    The company should be stopped immediately
    I vote this company never attain another permit in the u.s.


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