Eight video games that deserve a remake

You all know the Street Fighter game series from Capcom and Sonic the Hedgehog from Sega. But what about other classics games from these companies? Many of you have probably never heard of these gemstones of video game memorabilia, but when you finish reading this article, you will ask yourself the same question as to why there are not any remakes.


Forgotten Worlds – A jet pack style shooter game that was released in 1988 which featured a two-player set-up, this game was set in a futuristic Earth that’s being attack by the evil god, Bios. Players must shoot their way to victory.

Black Tiger – This is an arcade/action game where the player assumes the role of the hero named for the title of the game, who must slay three evil dragons in order to restore light to a kingdom that has fallen into darkness.

Knights of the Round – As the title suggests, it has to do with King Arthur and his knights of the round table. It’s a side-scrolling, beat’em-up game where you choose between King Arthur, Lancelot or Percival to slay evil that has infected the land and recover the Holy Grail.

Final Fight – The classic beat’em-up game where you assume the role of Guy, Cody or Mayor Mike Haggar to save his daughter and Metro City from the evil Mad Gear Gang. They did make a Final Fight Streetwise for the PlayStation 2, but the reviews where not so great.


Golden Axe – I know they made a remake for the PlayStation 3 and it did not get the best reviews, but why should people give up on such a great piece of sword and sorcery? The trilogy, as well as the arcade game, involve a choice selection of heroes that beat up monsters and other unnatural villains to reach the main villain himself, Death Adder.

Altered Beast – The game involves a Centurion that was resurrected by Zeus to save his daughter, Athena, from a demon god called Neff. The character collects spirit balls and transforms intovarious beasts in an attempt to save Athena. There was a remake made in Japan, but an American version was never made.

Gunstar Heroes – A shoot’em-up side-scrolling game, where the lead character has to save the world from an evil force known as Golden-Silver.

E-Swat: City Under Siege – Another shoot’em-up side-scrolling game, where the player assumes the role of a Liberty City police officer who has to fight an evil terrorist lead by the mysterious E.Y.E. After several levels, the character gets a makeover and is given a combat suit that gives criminals a serious run for their money.

I know there are a lot more games out there that are considered to be gemstones of video gaming, but with all the well-known video game characters like those you would find in Nintendo games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, I figured it would be nice to have some lesser known games be brought to light. It certainly has been a long time since any of these games have come out.

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