Get the scoop on this year’s DISH Fair

“Diversity is Happening” will be the message being spread at the Dish Fair that will take place on Wednesday from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. The main aim of the Dish Fair will be to increase awareness and exposure of diverse Student Organizations.

The Dish Fair has been a biannual event running for about four years now, that allows various Registered Student Organizations to showcase themselves to students. Most RSO’s use this fair as a tool for recruiting members although some just want to let students know that they exist and give them the opportunity to also get involved.

The Dish Fair is a phenomenal event as it brings diverse people from nations all over the world for a particular cause, creating bonds that may last a lifetime.

Briana Williamson, the Interim Director of Diversity Initiative who assists with all the behind-the-scenes preparations and coordination of the Dish Fair is very enthusiastic for the event.

“The campus has been very receptive of the Dish Fair as most who actually attend the event are non-ethnically diverse students. This immediately lets us know that our reach is increasing,” Williamson said.

The Dish Fair is set to take center stage at the Mall, which is the area around the Fountain located between the Centennial Student Union and the Memorial Library.

Registered Student Organizations are the primary target of the Dish Fair as they contribute to the event is the most. Each RSO gets a table where it sets up and explains to students the gist behind it. The Dish Fish Fair has some unique themes; for example, a carnival theme that spiced up the event and gave it a different outlook.

The Dish Fair takes place in a very elaborate manner; students first have to get a passport at the registration table. Then they can choose to visit whatever tables they like, usually four to six, and collect stamps for the passport. Once this is done they are able to claim whatever promotional item was advertised for the fair, while also having collected valuable knowledge from different organizations.

The passport that students get at the beginning of the fair and hand in at the end also helps in collecting feedback. Students are also given a survey that they can do and electively hand back in.

Williamson, a full time employee, is very passionate about the Dish Fair.

“Our diversity is growing and we are a campus that is trying to move beyond civility,” Williamson said, “Civility is great, however, making sure that all students have a favorable and equitable experience is our main priority.”

Williamson says that college is a time that students can learn about other cultures and experience new things. The ever increasing diversity of Minnesota State Mankato creates one of the best platforms for students to achieve this.

“One of the most beautiful things is seeing all the student organizations come together for a common cause, it is a fruitful process to be able to see students critically think about what they want to showcase and how they can use it as an avenue to share their message.”

Diversity is a strength that has no comparison as it is a unification of people from various backgrounds and cultures that all understand the exclusiveness of one another. Diversity is who we are and what we do; thus, the beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.

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