Netflix picks: Stranger Things a refreshing series

Netflix original series just keep getting better. With hits like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Netflix makes a strong case that it is the best online streaming service. The newest series that is getting rave reviews is Stranger Things. Pulling in an IMDb score of 9.1 there is a reason so many people are talking about it. Something lurks in the woods of Hawkins, Indiana terrorizing the people that live there. While it might live in the physical world, it is also wreaking havoc on the psyche of the characters.

Stranger Things follows the story of a young boy, Will, who goes missing. In this small town, missing boy is extremely rare. His friends are not satisfied with the notion that he ran away and neither is his mother. His group of friends meet a mysterious girl named Eleven, or El for short. She appears soon after Will goes missing. The boys think that El might be the key to finding their friend. Meanwhile, Will’s mother searches for her son through equally unconventional styles. While the police captain might think she is going a little crazy there may be some method to her madness. All eyes point to something more sinister going on in Hawkins and the whole cast is determined to figure out what

Nostalgic feelings are aroused in the series. From big rimmed glasses, to even bigger hair, Stranger Things brings out the 80s in all of us. The technology is also historically accurate. For the first time in a long time there are no iPhones, only corded phones that seem to be even bigger than remembered. The boys use oversized walkie talkies to communicate rather than sending quick texts, which makes it seem like a simpler time. In one of the opening scenes, the viewer even sees the battle of the rabbit ears play out with an old TV antenna.

One of the strongest attributes of the show is the acting. Winona Ryder gives a great performance as Will’s mom. She plays the role of a concerned parent very well. Even as she begins to have delusions, there always seems to be a reason for her to act the way she does. The boys and El are the ones who really steal the spotlight though. The boys play off each other in both dialogue and emotion. It seems like this group of young boys have been friends, even before this show was filmed. El says barely anything throughout the series and somehow makes the viewer feel every emotion she is going through with her eyes and body language.

The best part about this show is that once you have binge watched the first season, there is another in store. Rumors say that the second season will come out sometime around July 2017. This is only speculation, though. With all the fans backing, it would be a shame if this show did not run for another season. The first season left many strings untied and hopeful fans await the second season to help tie them up. Strange things are going to bump in the night in Hawkins so join the gang to try and solve the case.

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