MNSU student accused of on-campus sexual assault

A Minnesota State University, Mankato student is facing two felony charges after allegedly raping a girl in his dorm Sept. 11.

Please note that the below information contains sexual content.

According to the official complaint filed in the Blue Earth County District Court, 18-year-old John Owen was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in his dorm room in Preska Residence Community.

According to the charges, the victim reported that she was intoxicated at the time while the perpetrator was sober.

The report said the victim was visiting her sister and became intoxicated during the night. Several witnesses say she was “all over the place.”

After coming back to the dorms, the victim’s sister said that there was only one bed in her room and told her that her friend had a futon across the hall.

The victim reports that at some point Owens joined her on the futon with her and they began kissing. The victim then recalled Owens trying to take her pants off. After her pants were pulled down, Owens did the same.

The victim said she said no on three separate occasions. Owens asked her “why not,” but the victim does not remember her response.

Owens reportedly said “welcome to college” and penetrated her vaginally a few times, and then stopped. After this, the victim reported he helped her to the bathroom and told her she needed to put her pants back on.

In the complaint, Owen admitted to having sex with the victim, although he claimed it was consensual and that he stopped when they mutually agreed “this isn’t right.”

Owens was arrested on Sept. 12 and brought to the Blue Earth County Jail for questioning.

Owens faces possible prison time and/or a fine. No court date has been set.

To read the full report, please visit and search for the date Sept. 11.

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