Lucifer, Gotham make impressive return to fall TV

Lucifer returned for its second season and Gotham for it’s third on Sept. 19. Lucifer began Jan. 25 and Gotham began on Sept. 22, 2014. Both shows air on Fox and no doubt will be continue to bring in good reviews.

The series Lucifer is about the Lord of Hell himself, who becomes bored with ruling over hell decides to come to Earth. He runs a nightclub called Lux with a demonic ally named Mazikeen, or Maze as she is called, when he is not using his supernatural gifts to help solve to help the LAPD catch criminals, while disagreeing with his brother Amenadiel about their current situation. The season began with Lucifer Moringstar (the devil himself as you know) looking for his mother who has escaped from hell, while also solving the murder of a stand in actress.

Gotham, as you know, takes place in the fictional city from the DC comics series Batman, but it takes place right after the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. James Gordon (who you know will later be called Commissioner Gordon) promises to a young Bruce Wayne to solve the murders. With the help of his loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth, and Gordon’s partner, Harvey Bullock, they not only attempt to solve the murders of Bruce’s parents, but also unravel even greater mysteries surrounding the crime ridden city of Gotham.

Season 3 opens up with Jim Gordon wanting to reconcile with Leslie Tompkins but finds her with another man. He gets depressed, quits the force to become a bounty hunter seeking out the escapees from Indian Hill. Also, young Bruce Wayne has returned from Switzerland to give his company’s board members the ultimatum of giving up the Court of Owls, while Penguin is offers up a million dollar reward for the Fish Moony dead or alive. Selina Kyle is with Fish Moony’s crew of Indian Hill escapees. Gordon’s ex, Barbara, opens up her nightclub, the Sirens, despite having dealt with some thugs that her sexual partner disposed of and with the help of Penguin and finally Ivy Pepper runs into a Bruce doppelganger named Five who finds Selina, only to mistaken for a spy by Moony and barely manages to escape.

With the return of such series one can only expect the unexpected. Will both series last long enough for viewers enjoyment?

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