MavJobs: Your on-campus tool for jobs and internships

MavJobs is a helpful online tool offered by the Career Development Center (CDC) to assist students and graduates in finding jobs or other positions that fit their interests and qualifications. To access it, one must go to, click on the purple oval button that says “powered by handshake login,” sign on through Minnesota State University, Mankato, and enter their StarID and StarID password. Conveniently, new students who have registered for classes are automatically registered for MavJobs.

Through MavJobs, Minnesota State Mankato students can search for jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, on-campus employment, or graduate school opportunities. A job-seeker can select from full-time or part-time employment, as well as permanent or temporary/seasonal positions.
There are also filters such as employer, employer industry, employer division, and job function to further specify the job search. A student can select their college major/minor(s) to narrow down the search to the jobs they might be interested in or jobs that could fit with their field of study.

A visitor to MavJobs may also click on “Your Career Interests” from the options on the left side of the screen. This will lead to a page where the student can select what their possible plans are after college, and what kind of industries interest them. These selections will allow MavJobs to cater the search towards what the student is looking for.

Just this summer, MavJobs underwent a renovation; it is now powered by Handshake, making it “easier, faster, and smarter” to navigate and easy to learn for busy students.

According to Karina Clennon, assistant director at the Career Development Center, the CDC has received a lot of positive comments from students about the new system, as it was created especially with students in mind. It is now more convenient to navigate the site on a mobile device, since it has a similar layout to Facebook and other social media sites.

New features on MavJobs include the afore mentioned Career Interests survey, as well as career development tools and resources outside of the CDC. The outside resources can be accessed by clicking on “resources” at the very bottom of the dark blue column on the left.

One of these resources is Goinglobal, which connects students to internships and employment abroad, and compares the pay rate for jobs in different cities in the U.S. Another resource is an article that shows students how to apply for positions when the employer uses applicant tracking systems (ATS).

As one can clearly see from exploring the sight, there is much more to MavJobs than looking for job or internship opportunities. It lists events being held by the CDC, Career and Internship fairs, and interviews with employers.

Students can set up appointments with the CDC through MavJobs, or create journal entries. One can send online messages, similar to Facebook messages, to career counselors at the CDC. There is also a student profile, which pulls in student records, so it knows an individual student’s GPA and major. If the GPA is zero, that means the student has not yet completed their first semester of college.

One can access this information by clicking on “view your profile” on the left hand side. The student profile on MavJobs mirrors that of LinkedIn, a professional social network which is like Facebook for students.

According to Clennon, employers get their name out on MavJobs by creating an account and verifying that they are a legitimate employer who is not just trying to scam students. Employers have the ability to view student profiles and can post multiple full-time or part-time positions. They can also register for fairs and events through MavJobs. Students can see all employers attending an expo through MavJobs by clicking on fairs, then clicking on expo, and then clicking on employers, which are listed alphabetically. One can use filters to narrow down their search.

Students can take advantage of MavJobs by logging in, exploring, and building their profile. If you have any questions about MavJobs or navigating the new layout, do not hesitate to contact the Career Development Center, and they will be happy to answer your questions. Also, do some exploring of the site yourself, to see how MavJobs can be helpful for you and your career.

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