It’s not you, it’s Gym: Anytime Fitness

This past year, I have adapted to a new lifestyle fueled by a complete change of mind, a cleaner diet and daily exercise. This article, and the others that follow, will be a peer reviewed print of the local area’s gyms.

I have had a Planet Fitness membership for the past ten months, I know what I like and dislike about my gym. It then occurred to me that the gym environment varies with each individual. Everyone has a different experience. And I wanted to learn about those other gym environments. So I decided I would write reviews for a couple of the local area gyms.

I have provided the framework for the articles, generated a questionnaire of a few topics, and had peers evaluate their facilities.

“I want to be the single largest collection of muscle fibers as naturally possible. I won’t stop growing until my body’s skeletal structure begins to cave under its own weight,” said Matt Hillesheim, junior in the CIT program at MSU.

Matt frequents Anytime Fitness on Riverfront.

“I’ve been lifting seriously for nine months at roughly five days a week and doing absolutely zero cardiovascular exercise,” said Matt, when I asked him about his workout frequency.

I gave Matt a questionnaire that I wrote: 10 questions covering 10 different subjects about the gym facility. I asked Matt to rate them, each on a scale from one to five, one being the worst and five being the best.

The results are as follows:

Regarding the parking structures, is there sufficient parking? Is it free or included in the rate of the membership?
The gym is part of a strip mall and has ample parking. I’ve actually never had to “search” for a spot. 5/5.

In your opinion, are the membership fees/rates reasonable?
I believe at $40 a month, Anytime Fitness has competitive pricing compared to other similar competing gyms. You’re paying a premium for the 24-hour convenience. 3.5/5.

What are your thoughts regarding the size of the facility?
The facility is large enough to serve its customer base, but does feel “cramped” if the cable machine is being heavily used. 3/5.

What are your thoughts regarding the gym staff? Are they helpful, do they answer your questions if you’ve had any?
The franchise owner is very receptive to customer complaints and will go out of his way to ensure that your needs are met. Equipment is quickly repaired if broken. 4/5.

What are your thoughts regarding the equipment availability?
They are like new. I would compare them to what you would see as a display model at a retail store. Lightly used. 4.5/5.

What are your thoughts regarding the non-machine equipment? (Dumbbells, z-curl bars, mats, dip/pull-up bars, cardio etc.)
The free weight equipment at the Riverfront location has a great variety and can fit 99 percent of obscure workouts. However, it can be difficult to find space if everyone is using free weights at the same time. 3.5/5.

What are your thoughts regarding the locker room, plenty of lockers, showers, etc.? On a scale of 1 to 5, rate the locker rooms/showers/bathrooms.
The bathrooms are gender specific, but only designed to be used by one person at a time. That makes no sense. 2.5/5.

Is the cleanliness of the facility satisfactory, above standards, or exceptional? On a scale of 1 to 5, rate the locker rooms/showers/bathrooms.
Exceptional, they hire part-time employees to clean the place regularly. 5/5.

In your opinion, what is the environment like? Are people friendly or do they mainly keep to themselves and focus on their workouts? On a scale of 1 to 5, rate gym atmosphere.
Lifting there is a very solitary experience and nobody really bothers each other. 5/5.

What are your thoughts on the additional amenities, like tanning, massage chairs? Beverages, food, apparel, guest privileges, visit other gyms? On a scale of 1 to 5, rate the amenities.
I don’t use these so I have no comment. Guest privileges: Yes, although it’s very limited. 2/5.

Matt’s Evaluation:
Gym Facility Grade: 76% percent; average score: 3.4.

Highest scores (scored 5/5): Parking, Cleanliness, Environment.

Second Highest Scores: Machine Equipment availability (scored 4.5)

Lowest scores: Gym amenities (scored 2). Locker rooms/bathrooms (scored 2.5).

Matt indicated that he prefers to work out in the mornings or before noon. Typically, he said there are three to five people there during those times. And I can confirm. He took me there with one of his two guest passes he receives a month. To bring a guest, he must inform the gym staff ahead of time.

Regarding the gym environment, “the majority are men in their 30’s who are above average in strength,” Matt said. He was right, and I can attest to that statement. The facility has more than averaged weight trainers, both women and men.

I asked Matt what he looks for in a gym: “I honestly select gyms based on availability and equipment provided. Everything else is just a bonus.”

I forwarded Matt the above grade on the facility. “That seems about right, Mankato Anytime Fitness “feels” like a 76%.”

Reporter Rating: 3.5/5

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