Six shows that need to be brought back

I know there are a lot of you Firefly fans out there who were angry at the cancellation of the series and probably the Adam West Batman series, but there a lot of other shows out there you probably did not know about that deserve a second chance or should have never been cancelled, yet were, due to the infamous Friday death slot. I will let you decide what to think while I state the various shows that need to be reconsidered.

Planet of the Apes
Didn’t know they had a series, did you? They did have one that ran for 14 episodes on CBS in 1974, but it was cancelled due to repetitive story lines, a lack of appearances of the apes and the Friday night death slot time of 8-9 p.m. In 1981, Fox had redone ten episodes of the series into five TV movies.

You think I would leave that one out? I, myself ,enjoyed the series too. Inspired by the Vertigo comic and now part of the DC Universe, Matt Ryan starred as the paranormal investigator himself on NBC. The series was cancelled due to low ratings and because it was shown during the infamous death slot. Matt Ryan, however, did reprise his role in the fourth season of Arrow and petitions were launched to bring back the series.

The most famous vampire in fiction had his own TV show with Johnathan Reyes Meyers as the Count himself. The show was about the vampire posing as an American businessmen in London who wanted to help modernize the country, but in truth he was seeking revenge on a secret society that killed his wife centuries earlier. The series was on NBC and was cancelled after one season due to poor ratings, lack of advertisement and of course, the infamous Friday death slot. Fans of the series were outraged after hearing this, but according to empirenews.net, can breathe a sigh of relief for Netflix picked it up and will continue with another season.

Star Trek: Enterprise
For those of you Trekkies reading about this and fuming, you are not alone. The UPN series which ran for four seasons was moved to the infamous Friday death slot due to repeats being shown on the weekend, which is still hardly an excuse to cancel the series where the events within the galaxy predate the original Star Trek series.

Legend of The Seeker
Inspired by the Sword of Truth book series, the TV show went a different angle than the book series. It nevertheless had the hero Richard Cypher (Craig Horner), the Confessor Khalan (Bridget Regan), the Wizard Zeddicus (Bruce Spence) and the Mord-Sith Cara (Tabrett Bethell) defending the helpless against the evils that besiege the realm. When the series was cancelled due to a falling out between ABC and SyFy, fans were outraged and Terry Goodkind, the author of the Sword of Truth series, was disappointed.

Agent Carter

The ABC series that followed the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, stars Hayley Atwell, reprising her role as Peggy Carter and takes part in events that shape the Marvel universe in the future. The series unfortunately was cancelled, leaving the season 2 finale with a cliffhanger. Hayley Atwell has expressed an interest in returning to her role as Agent Carter despite starring in the new ABC series Conviction.

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