MNSU homecoming royalty crowned at coronation

A dynamic series of lip sync routines created an energetic atmosphere for the Homecoming coronation on Oct. 6, in Bresnan Arena. Students had from Monday morning through Wednesday night to vote for their homecoming royalty from a pool of ten candidates.

Spencer Sulflow and Courtney Sill chose to run for homecoming as a team, and both won the majority vote. Sulflow is a junior majoring in exercise science with a minor emphasis in pre-physical therapy. Sill is also a junior majoring in physical education and health science with developmental adaptive physical education.

“Courtney and I have been friends since our freshmen year and we’re both in the honors program,” said Sulflow.

Their long-lasting friendship from freshmen to juniors is an accurate illustration of connections formed in the #Mavfam. Once a Mav, always a Mav, and the people you meet at Minnesota State University, Mankato often remain friends for life.

“This is a total blessing and a cool way to represent the school,” said Sill, who wore a black lace overlay gown and held her homecoming bouquet – purple and gold carnations and sunflowers – loosely on one arm. “It’s also a chance to reach out to a lot of people and inspire other people to want to be students – to want to be Mavericks. And if you know me – you know I’m not afraid to talk to anybody!”

Sill is obviously well loved by the student body, as numerous students, family, and friends swarmed up to snap photos with her. She was sincerely excited to receive congratulations from everyone who crowded around.

Sill was especially thankful to her community from Crawford, a hall of 700 residents, who banded together to support her in any way that they could, even volunteering time to table for her in the CSU.

Sulflow, suited up and wearing shoes like mirrors for the ceremony, said he had not been one hundred percent confident he would win.

“I honestly had no idea,” he said.

He mentioned that while other candidates for homecoming king are involved in fraternities and had their fraternities rooting for them, Sulflow is not a member of a fraternity, but instead, a lot of random clubs. Thankfully for Sulflow, these clubs banded together and casted their votes.

Cru, a Christian organization, is one campus group in which Sulflow is highly involved. He has a confident faith in God and is unafraid to explain those beliefs to others.

“[God] works in such marvelous ways that he is able to use something as simple as me running for homecoming king to reveal his glory. We are all broken and searching for something, and Jesus is the only way that ‘something’ will be satisfied,” Sulflow said.

Acceptance and passion are only two of the qualities which made Sulflow and Sill ideal figureheads as homecoming royalty, and allowed them to inspire the rest of the Maverick family to greatness.

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