The Flash and Elementary return for the fall

The week of Oct. 2 saw the return of Sherlock Holmes and Barry Allen, aka The Flash.

The Flash
started Oct. 7, 2014 with the first season being about the murder of his mother by the villainous Reverse Flash, and his father being sent to prison for the murder.

Fourteen years after his mother’s murder, an accident at STAR Labs starts an unnatural storm that strikes Barry Allen and turns him into the Flash. The second season takes place six months after the first season when a singularity event threatened all of Central City and also, the Flash is now recognized as Central City’s hero. To make things even better, his father is released from prison.

Things in season 2, however, are far from normal. The singularity that Barry was able to eliminate creates a series of gateways that open up the multiverse and to Earth-2 where viewers are introduced to the villain Zoom. The new villain wants the whole Speed Force to himself and will kill anyone connected to it, including the Flash.

The season ends with Barry going back in time and creating the flashpoint paradox that would start season 3.

is another incarnation of the most famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Unlike Sherlock, which takes place in England and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the famous detective along with Martin Freeman as his partner John Watson, Elementary takes place in New York City and stars Johnny Lee Miller as the famous detective with, interestingly enough, Lucy Liu as Joan Watson.

The series began on Sept. 27, 2012 with Sherlock falling from grace into a drug induced depression after the loss of his lover. He is then helped back onto his feet by his new sober companion, Joan Watson, a former surgeon. Over the course of time spent with her, he finds her medical expertise to be quite useful and she herself begins to develop a fondness for the same consulting investigation work that he had performed for Scotland Yard. The two work as consultants with the NYPD and mostly answer to Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn), who had worked with Sherlock back at Scotland Yard, and often work with Detective Marcus Bell, who thought Sherlock’s methods were peculiar.

Season 5 begins with the episode “Folie a Deux,” where Sherlock is trying to talk down a murderer and prevent him from killing himself, when he gets a text from Captain Gregson that an innocent man has been blown up by a homemade bomb in a soccer ball. The episode also centers on Sherlock asking Watson if she is losing interest in her career as a consulting detective. Sadly, the show’s music writer Eric Justen, died of a heart attack on Aug. 11. The end of the episode was dedicated to his memory.

In three episodes will be the one-hundreth episode of Elementary. The Flash teased the new role of Tom Cavanagh along with Cisco going into therapy and Catlin Snow possibly becoming Killer Frost.

What other surprises will await the Flash and Sherlock? Stay tuned.

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