Let’s give Thanksgiving some respect

Just imagine a holiday that sends you into a self-induced food coma. Thanksgiving is the next best thing to look forward to after the Halloween holiday, even with Christmas right around the corner.

Not only does it offer an opportunity to stuff your face with endless amounts of food without any judgment, but also offers a time to get together with family and show your appreciation for one-another and life in general.

Thanksgiving should not be overlooked by Christmas. The razzle-dazzle holiday in the month of December usually takes people’s interests immediately after Halloween, and that can become annoying to others who are not in a hurry.

Yes, Christmas has its perks. I do not want to be known as the Grinch who has a strong distaste for the winter holiday (as I do enjoy it), but Thanksgiving needs respect to be put on its name.
As students, it should be a sign of relief. Students have a stretch of classes that go from M.E.A. break all the way up to the Thanksgiving weekend. Having about a month and a half without any break for family time and relaxation can cause the amounts of stress to increase. Some college students can go a long time without even seeing their family members.

Adding on to the fact Thanksgiving provides a break, it also presents a mass amount of football on television. From professional to college, football brings my family together.

Christmas provides a materialistic feeling of a holiday. The gifts and music are just a couple of things that grab people’s attention, but what Thanksgiving comes down to is the little things in having great company and giving thanks. Thanksgiving provides worthy memories to last a lifetime, as it gives people a chance to reconnect and relax with one-another.

Black Friday has slowly moved into becoming a Black Thursday in recent years, with stores opening up Thanksgiving night. I feel as if that takes away from the Thanksgiving holiday, as Black Friday switches everyone’s mindsets to Christmas. It is sad to think Thanksgiving basically gets one day to enjoy its festivities and Christmas on the other hand basically needs a month to prepare for.

hat also makes Thanksgiving special is the fact it is not politically or religiously practiced, nor does it have anything to do with race. It is a universal holiday that is rooted in families to give thanks and be joyful.

Tommy Wiita

Tommy is a junior mass media major at MSU. He plays on the club baseball team and enjoys the outdoors. You can follow him on Twitter (@Wiita_BEST) or contact him via email at thomas.wiita@mnsu.edu .

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