Performers hit high note at Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands event took place on Tuesday in the CSU Ballroom at 7 p.m. It has been five years since the Battle of the Bands event has taken place on campus, so the return of the event provided a great way for students to showcase their musicianship.

The Concert Company, a committee of the Student Events Team, organized and promoted the event. Student-made bands performed originals and some cover songs at the event.

The competitive concert drew students, faculty, and family members of the performers. Three judges, who were musicians and professors of the Music Department at MNSU, gave constructive criticism at the end of each performance to help each band improve.

The event featured a wide variety of styles, including R&B, grunge, hip-hop, and funk. Each band had a unique style, which they were able to show off with their selection of songs. Some songs highlighted the band members’ vocal talent, while other songs were mostly instrumental, showing off the talent of the guitar and bass players. The percussion added the beat and flare which reverberated through the audience’s ears, causing them to nod their heads and tap to the beat.

The subject of the music ranged from politics and love to memories and regret. Each band had fifteen minutes to perform on stage and show off their work and their unique styles.

The rocking electric guitars, bass, drums, and vocals were loud and explosive enough to shake your eardrums. Some of the bands brought their game, while others were not on par. Some did not adjust their volume to the smaller space, causing ringing in the ears.

All of the bands exhibited commitment to their performance and confidence in mistakes, slip-ups, and technical difficulties. Most of the bands were made up of three guys, with one on drums, one on bass, and one on electric guitar, with one or more guys doing vocals, like the band The Only. Other bands consisted of just one person, like Drawn to the Sky, Elements, and Logan Michaels.

The crowd was enthusiastic, and joined in by clapping and gathering up front. Bright, colorful lights added to the festive atmosphere. It gave student bands a chance to go on stage and show off their talent to the public, promoting their songs and styles. The audience was able to see the creativity of the musicians as they performed their original work. At the end of the concert, students attending were able to vote on which band they thought was the best. The event was free and open to the public.

Logan Michaels, a rap/hip-hop artist, won one division of the Battle of the Bands after student voting was cast, while Elements won the other.

Battle of the Bands is just one of the concerts and events put on by the Student Events Team this year. In past years, musicians like Jerrod Niemann, Mike Posner, and Hoodie Allen have performed concerts at MNSU. If there is a band that you would like featured in a concert or an event you think should be put on, contact the Student Events team or join their meetings on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. in CSU 245.

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