Top sites to buy your spring semester textbooks

Each year, a large number of people make the choice to attend college and get a degree. The reason and motivation behind making such a decision might differ per person, but a common goal is to get a degree with good grades, which reflects their honed skills and knowledge.

Many students think that they would do well without needing the textbooks until they realize how wrong they were. If you find this to be the case with you, you also must have realized how important the textbooks are to achieve this goal. And how expensive plus tedious to find they can be if you don’t have an idea where to look.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of websites where you can probably find almost any textbook, either secondhand or brand new, followed by the digital versions (cheaper than the printed versions), including the latest editions. Plus, these websites provide several offers and discounts, and deliver your order at your doorstep, making life easier as a student.

The Internet has numerous online textbook sellers, and it is always a good idea to know the best and most reliable ones. So, here are some top websites where you can look and buy your textbooks.

Amazon is certainly the largest company among textbook providers where you can find almost any textbook at decent prices to buy or rent. And if they are expensive, Amazon has a “Used” section where you can get the used books at a significant discount. If you are comfortable reading the textbooks on digital devices, you can find the digital editions of the textbooks, which are significantly cheaper. Amazon also provides fast shipping so that you won’t face any inconvenience. Furthermore, when you are done with the textbook, you can always sell it on the website and save some money.


Chegg is another vast collection of textbooks where you can find both new and used books with discounts of up to 90 percent. The website has a simple search engine based interface where you can type in the title of the textbook you are looking for and it will show it to you. Chegg provides hassle-free return service to its customers, so that you can return the textbooks anytime within 21 days if you need for any reason. Many of its most popular titles gives access to an online version while the physical copy ships, so you don’t have to wait until physical copy arrives to read the textbook. Furthermore, the site also has the rental and selling features that can save you some significant money.

Half is an online textbook store owned by Ebay where you can look for the textbook you need. It has a huge collection of textbooks, regular books, and even music, movies, and video games. The site did an effort upgrade itself and now it provides features like buying, selling, and renting. also provides deals and offers which you can use to save some money. It is easy to find textbooks and other products since it also has search engine based interface and categorized listings.

Campus Book Rentals is one among the books retailers that has served thousands of students and saved them over $113,715,753.12 until now. This site has a simple interface with integrated search engine where you just need to type in the name of book you are looking for. This textbook provider also the features to return the textbook, rent them, and even sell them. The company lets you to use the book like you own it complemented with flexible rental periods and free shipping both ways.

Textbooks is also a great place where you can look for the books you need with deep discounts up to 70 percent which can save you a lot of money. It is another giant among the textbook providers which also happens to have a very simple web interface combined with a search engine and categorical listing of top selling books and recent buyback quotes. Along with these features, you can also sell your books, rent them, and get e-versions of text books. The store provides free shipping for the orders up to $25 and above.

Big Words can be one among the best to look for the text books which lets you compare the textbook prices from all the best online stores at once, plus, helps you save up to 90 percent. The provider promises the prices that are 35 to 45 percent cheaper than other online stores. Apart from these distinct features, this site also has the common features as seen in other big online store such as buying, renting, and selling textbooks along with the search engine based interface.

To summarize, there are a lot of textbook providers on the Internet where you can look for the books you need, but these are some of the popular ones where you can find almost any text book with significant deals and great service that will save you a big chunk of money. You can use the rented book as your own, return them within a period if you don’t need it anymore, you can sell them over once the semester ends, get a digital version of the textbook per your preference, plus you don’t have to worry about the shipping since the providers put great effort to make the experience convenient for you. Although the websites have many things in common, they also have some distinct features that puts them in the top list of online textbook providers.

So, if you are wondering where to look for the textbooks for your upcoming semester, these are some of the great places to consider.

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