Don’t be cliche: Unique classes to enroll in now

A new semester is right around the corner, lurking, and with that comes new classes. If you haven’t registered already, you will want to get on that. To help you out, here is a list composed of classes you might not have thought about taking, but should. Whether you are trying to fulfill general education goals or just want to add an extra course, these classes can make studying fun!

AST 115: Life in the Universe

Have you ever wondered if there are other lifeforms out there? In this class, students will be able to analyze the probability of extraterrestrial intelligent life. Subjects that will be talked about include: the chemical basis of life; habitable zones; UFOs; space travel; interstellar communication; and limits on technical civilizations. This course is two credits, fulfills the general education goal areas two and three and is offered during both the fall and spring semesters.

MATH 110: Perspectives in Mathematics

I know what you’re thinking; how did math make this list? But this isn’t your normal algebra class. This is a class about applied mathematics, which is the study of numbers, quantity and space. The best part? No advance mathematics is required. Just your basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The focus is on applying mathematics to your everyday life and how it can be found virtually anywhere, from music, to business, to art, and even games. Recommended for people who math makes their heads hurt. This is a three credit class that fulfills goal area four. It is offered fall, spring and summer.

ANTH 120: Forensic Science: An Anthropological Approach

Have you even wanted to solve crime like the people on TV? Maybe you have an itching to be the next Abby Sciuto, from NCIS, or your idol is Dr. Temperance Brennen from Bones. Whatever the case, this class can help bring out your inner forensic scientist. Students will learn how to collect, preserve and analyze evidence pertaining to human remains. Subjects include skeletal trauma, victim identification, bite-mark analysis, and crime scene recovery methods. A three credit course that can go toward goal area three in your general education.

ANTH 245: The Social Life of Swearing

Shut the front door! Believe it or not, MNSU actually offers a class where you get to study profanities. Students will study the historical evolution and modern usage of profanity language in order to determine what makes a word qualify as “bad”? They will also consider gender, race and class in order to analyze how curse words vary across cultures. A three credit class, this fulfills goal areas five and eight, and is a purple diverse culture credit. It is available on-demand in the fall, spring and summer.

THEA 101: Acting for Everyone

Love to perform? Then the stage might be calling for you! Beginner friendly, students will be given exercises to practices their acting and will have the chance to perform scenes from different types of plays. This class is worth three credits and fulfills goal area six. It is offered fall and spring.

Arts classes

There’s drawing, painting, water colors, sculpting, ceramics, photography, and even graphic design. Most of these require you to take the basic ART 100: Elements and Principles of Art, but if this is something you are interested in, it would be worth it. You might even be able to make a minor out of it.

Dance classes

Learn how to dance by taking DANC 120: Introduction to Dance, for three credits. The class helps students develop an understanding of dance techniques and how it plays a role in cultures around the world. You can take an even more specific class which focus on contemporary, jazz, ballet, tap, and even Afro-Caribbean style.

Human Performance (HP) classes

If nothing else peaks your interest, there are a range of HP classes that offer a chance to learn a new skill or expand on something you already do well at. Courses include intercollegiate sports – volleyball, softball, baseball, football, golf, tennis, hockey, soccer, track, etc. – to fitness and exercise classes – yoga, aerobic conditioning, handball, sports activities, etc. – to water activities – swimming, sailing, canoeing, lifeguard training, and aquatic skills. HP also offers a HP 178: Social, Folk and Square Dance Techniques class. For women, HP 130: Self-Defense for Women is a popular choice. If getting up and active isn’t your fancy, HP offers a class on both bowling and billiards, which meets in the Bullpen in the CSU. Most of these classes are one credit and fulfill goal area 11.

As you can see there are plenty of classes to choose from if you are looking to branch out into something new. College is the time to try new things; you never know, you may discover a new area of interest or hobby.

Alissa Thielges

Alissa is a sophomore majoring in mass media at MSU. When she doesn't have her nose stuck in a book, she enjoys eating pie and fangirling over various fictional characters. You can get in touch with her at her email alissa.thielges@mnsu.edu.

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