Would you want to go on a date with me?

Today, knowing whether two people are in a relationship is one of the hardest things. Sweeping someone off their feet with romance, long walks on the beach, or a stroll in the moonlight has become things that are fading away fast. The true essence of romance where one feels attracted mentally, physically, and spiritually seems lost. So, who or what is really to blame for this?

Most people would immediately blame social media and every app created to find the perfect soulmate. These different platforms are trimming down the pressure of expressing one’s feelings and true emotions up front. Thus, it feels as if what two partners claim to feel for one another is missing that special something. However, the same pressure of feeling obliged to create labels for one another is also gone. People can interact freely, post what they are specifically looking for in their soulmates and not feel ashamed or critiqued. The term commonly used today instead of dating is “hanging out” or “being a thing.” This is where two people constantly talk, mostly via their mobile phones or hangout consistently.

However, some people still believe in dating and finding out who may be right for them the old-fashioned way. Social media and other platforms are just a starting point, enabling people to get in touch with whomever they may find interesting. After establishing first contact, individuals then go out on various dates, to see if the spark will light up or die down.

In my perspective, any form one chooses to partake in is okay; the main point is finding that special someone. That person who is always on your mind, night and day. Whenever you look to the stars, all you can see is their smile. Finding the person who is not just your romantic partner, but also your best friend.

Fully understanding one another is also something taken for granted today. Dating allows people to get to know each other, without necessarily hiding behind the curtains. Nevertheless, individuals change with time, someone you may know today may be completely different tomorrow. Dating also builds up the intensity of a relationship, taking it step-by step-allowing the two people involved to build a bond that only strengthens with time.

In summary, knowing what works best for you as an individual is best. Whichever form of dating or hooking up you may choose to take, either old or new, if it gets you the best possible results then, by all means, you should go for it. Seeking approval is a hard task, especially from every one, find what makes you as an individual happy.

Patience is also something that the society today really needs to put into practice. Anything spectacular does not usually happen overnight, it takes time. If it gets tough and nothing good is coming your way, hang in there. Your time will eventually arrive. Dating may come in different forms today, but it still has the same purpose as always: to find the right person to start a future with.

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