Maverick Profile: Meet javelin thrower Madison Eggermont

Madison Eggermont, a javelin thrower for the Maverick Women’s Track and Field Team, is without a doubt a phenomenal athlete. Inspired by her father who coached the sport back in her childhood days, Eggermont seeks to outshine expectations and always performs outstandingly in the sport. Her superb vigor and exuberant personality make her a delight to be around.

Eggermont is a junior, pursuing a degree in Physical Education and Health. During her freshman year at Minnesota State University, Mankato she was involved in the weight throw, shot put, and discus. She just picked up the javelin throw last year when she was a sophomore and is very optimistic about this field event.

“One of my role models would be my boyfriend, John Smith, who competes for Duke University,” Eggermont said. “He represents and models a good work ethic with a positive mindset giving his all whenever he is on the field.”

Eggermont is also strongly motivated by her religious beliefs, as she states, “I definitely perform for an audience of one since I am able to use my body and skills to glorify He who gave them to me.”

Eggermont juggled several sports during her grade school and high school years, performing exceptionally in anything she set her mind to. She swam, played a bit of soccer, volleyball, and basketball, while also managing to be on the track and field team, competing not only in field events but also in track. However, she still enjoys the water and swims as a hobby to pass time or just to blow off some steam.

Eggermont’s father played a huge role in her athletic career by driving her to get into track and field, even if there are some restrictions with the javelin throw at high school level.

“When I was younger and saw my dad interacting with the athletes he was coaching, the atmosphere was vibrant and amazing,” Eggermont said.

The story of how she started competing in the javelin throw is quite intriguing. Eggermont had no intention of getting involved in the sport, but during one of the track and field meets last year, she gave the sport a shot and qualified for the finals during the meet. Since then, she has kept at it and never looked back with those moments being something that Eggermont cherishes to this day.

“There are quite a few ups and downs with the sport as with any sport, but focusing on what’s important is the best way to get remarkable results,” Eggermont says. “The Maverick track and field team is awesome because they are a group of unique athletes who work extremely hard, and being part of that is a privilege as they have accomplished wonders over the years.”

Eggermont is also quite the team player; she loves to support and cheer on her team during any competition.

“I feel like I have this inner coach in me. It probably comes from my father, which always makes me get people pumped up and hyped before they compete,” Eggermont said.

Eggermont aspires to make it to the conference levels of competition this year, and perhaps even break her personal records.

“Participating in any sport can teach one several things, like self-discipline, how to be a team player, [and] how to encourage others, so I am learning something new from javelin each day,” Eggermont said.

Eggermont’s advice to any individual planning to compete in javelin or any other sport is to ask yourself, “Why not?”

“You will never know unless you try,” she says. “I walked on to the track team not knowing how it would go, but it was a blessing in disguise and it has just been a river of opportunity.”

Eggermont shows what true sportsmanship is about by not only striving hard to excel in her own field, but also supporting her teammates to reach their goals and surpass expectations. Eggermont shows sincere devotion, loyalty to her teammates, love for her sport, and a special denotation of the Maverick spirit.

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